Video channels are always on demand. Great Big Story, a digital media brand by CNN, decided to place a bet on history and right choice of a partner – and launched an “Origins” video series together with Genesis automobile brand, promising that you won’t be disappointed.


Original content in “Origins”

What is GBS? It stands for Great Big Story, a digital brand created by CNN, which makes an emphasis on video content and various social platforms. The initial target was Facebook – now the amount of fans on this social platform reaches approximately 2.7 million users. In parallel, channel exists on YouTube (with 318 thousands subscribers), Twitter, Instagram and Vimeo. What is more, CNN’s management is planning to increase the exposure and develop a Snapchat channel. This seems like a standard path for CNN and other news broadcasting companies on social media. The lengths brands have to go for the attraction of millennials: yes, it is not a secret that GBS is focused on targeting young generation (which is not the first experience for CNN as well) and succeeds – the venture accounts for more than 600 million views (totally, of course).

Recently, in cooperation with Genesis, luxury vehicle division of Hyundai, GBS has launched a sub-channel Origins, which provides high-quality video content with a dive into history of things. Spheres are various, from travelling and culture to food industry. “This isn’t just a branded content series,”said Chris Berend, senior vice president of CNN digital video. “This is a fundamental piece of our programming. A lot of the stories we are trying to tell are about the history of things, where things come from. It’s a happy coincidence that we found such a like-minded advertiser.”

CNN. Great Big Story. Origins

CNN. Great Big Story. Origins


History is on trend

GBS, however, did not reinvent the wheel – it has just made the wheel branded. To illustrate, fashion and beauty brands already got the message: Channel’s YouTube strategy is successful due in part to its history video series and Dior actively follows in its footsteps. GBS and Genesis did not remain half-hearted to history and creation as well: 10 videos were already published and nearly 40 are underway during the coming year.  It is possible to find out more about tattoos, video game, American song and other authentic things and activities just by watching a short, but worthy, video.

Origins series does not displace the existing GBS channels: Frontiers, Human Conditions, Planet Earth and Flavors. Like previously mentioned beauty brands, Origins efficiently supplements other video materials and it seems that choice of the niche was a perfect match. History of things does not only broaden the outlook, but also attracts a significant audience.


Genesis steps in… and pulls out all the stops

The partnership with automobile brand Genesis is mutually attractive. In terms of financing, Genesis provides a sponsorship for the channel (which is certainly mentioned in each video) and, therefore, expands the Great Big Story’s opportunities for growth and development. However, financial part is not the most crucial. After all, Origins channel is still under a powerful protection of CNN, even if it is not required. “The key to its success is that it is deliberately not part of CNN, but is able to tap into Turner’s global resources”- mentioned Mr. Berend.

With regard to Genesis, it is a great chance to support the production of content and to considerably ease its promotion.  Origins channel considers related values: legacy and culture, which can also be connected with the Korean culture and luxury vehicles brand. Moreover, the terms of a deal include a short film on tech origins of the Korea-based Hyundai, which are valid until the end of 2017 and make GBS’s first annual deal of this type.

“We are thrilled to partner with Genesis”stated Chris Berend.“The origin of things is a theme that is deeply resonant with our global audience of curiosity seekers and in Genesis we have found a partner that sees the world the way we do—through a lens of quality, craftsmanship and an awareness of how we all got here.”

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