An American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Clippers, nine-time NBA All-Star, two-time Olympic gold medalist, president of the National Basketball Players Association, and one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, – Chris Paul knows how to gain success indeed. Now, seems like he’s building a huge fanbase on Instagram and expanding his focus with social impact investing. Learn more about how he got to 6 million Instagram followers and a new philanthropic opportunity with real estate investment firm Turner Impact Capital.

Chris Paul

Instagram Popularity

NBA star has reached more than 6.4 million Instagram followers by being able to laugh at his mistakes. Back in 2015, for example, Paul was knocked off his feet by a fierce crossover from Steph Curry. Paul posted a meme of the shot his friend Kevin Hart sent him, featuring Paul’s falling onto a Twister board. The image garnered nearly 20,000 comments. These kinds of hijinks make Paul’s Instagram feel like a sort of playground, for Paul’s kids, friends, and the AAU youth teams he works with.

With Instagram, the people you enjoy following the most are people who are authentic. For me a lot of times there’s a lot of things surrounding my family and my kids, what’s going on in my life. Most of the stuff I do basketball-wise people get an opportunity to see at the games or on ESPN. I’m always trying to show people that we’re more than just athletes. We do normal things like everybody else. I take my kids to school and pick them up like everybody else.

Chris Paul

Chris Paul

Clippers’ point guard also uses Instagram to work with brands. Holding endorsement deals with Jordan and State Farm, he offers insight into things he’s doing with his partners. “I almost wonder what I did in the world before social media to find out and share information,” says Chris. “I’m working out, training, and looking at my Instagram feed like “oh, that happened”. I remember after the Christmas Day game, Kevin Hart posted something funny on Instagram about a suit I was wearing and I reposted it.”

Turner Impact Capital

Recently Chris Paul joined Santa Monica-based real estate investment firm Turner Impact Capital on Workforce Housing Fund. Turner Impact Capital is one of the nation’s largest and fast-growing social impact investing firms. The new fund plans to invest in existing developments in areas where a high percentage of middle-income workers pay an outsized percentage of their wages toward monthly rent. The fund plans to stabilize rent prices while lowering operational costs, most notably by reducing resident turnover.

The plan is to create a lasting philanthropic model by putting dollars toward projects that address a social need but still provide market rate returns for investors. “I am enthusiastic to team up with Bobby and the team at Turner Impact Capital to help tackle this housing affordability challenge on behalf of hard-working families living in communities throughout America, including the one where I grew up in North Carolina,” says NBA All-star. “I want to see results, and this model delivers them for working people like teachers, nurses, and firefighters who are getting squeezed when it comes to housing.”

Chris Paul

His Role In The Fund

First and foremost Chris Paul is an investor. However, he is also excited to provide insight and help bring awareness of the role that creative, market-driven solutions can play in dealing with some of the nation’s most pressing issues. Paul will join another well-known fund’s ambassador and investor: “Desperate Housewives” actress and philanthropist Eva Longoria. She invested and partnered with the Turner Multifamily Impact Fund in 2016 to accomplish similar objectives on behalf of working families.

Chris Paul seeks to bring attention and scalable solutions to the challenges faced by millions of working-class families struggling to find quality affordable housing. “The Fund’s ability to invest in apartment communities and keep rents stable makes a huge difference for working families,” says Clippers’ point guard. “We not only help families by stabilizing rents, but we also enrich the communities with important services like neighborhood watch, health care screenings, employment assistance and after-school tutoring that bring great value to children and parents.”

I’ve had the opportunity to do so many great philanthropic things. You can’t imagine the faces of the kids when we get to work with them, but it’s also frustrating at times. This partnership with Turner Impact gives us the opportunity to make sustainable and scalable change in these different areas. Whether I’m playing in New Orleans or California or back in my home state of North Carolina, one of the major issues is affordable housing. To be able to go into these communities and try to make a change is something I’m really excited about.

Chris Paul


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