Citizinvestor is a crowdfunding and civic engagement platform for local government projects. It allows citizen from the US to post their project ideas and grow them into a real movement with people’s help. One of the CEOs of Citizinvestor is Joy Randels.


Joy(‘s) Platform

As Joy describes herself, she’s a “serial entrepreneur and technology executive with a passion for launching and building high-growth businesses”. Today, Joy’s launching or helping launch 89+ companies, raising $357M+ in venture capital, led 17 acquisitions of venture-backed and/or bootstrapped companies and two successful IPOs.
She’s an absolute thought leader and cyber security evangelist, frequent industry speaker including RSA, BlackHat, and SANS among others. Joy has quoted in SC Magazine, Wired, Red Herring, CSO, Information Week and other publications.

Before starting with Citizinvestor, Joy has been worked as Board Member at Sarasota Bradenton Leadership Circle, as Member Board of Directors at Invision Communications, as Member Board of Directors at Metro Tech Net and as Founder&CEO at New Market Partners. Accumulated while working for these companies experience helps Joy to develop Citizinvestor and control its functioning.

Citizinvestor: Invest in the future


Citizinvestor helps people to invest in their community, create real changes and build a better future. It works as a project aggregator: every government entity or their official partners can post projects to the platform’s website Moreover, citizens are also allowed to post ideas to be converted into the project once they gain local support.

Here’s scheme about how it works: first a project’s needs to be posted on the website, then citizens choose the best one in their opinion and donate them. Although citizens are asked to enter their credit card information right away, they will not be charged unless the project reaches 100% of its funding goal before the funding deadline.

The project is built right after it reaches 100% of its funding goal. But this doesn’t mean that citizens are “blocked” and can’t follow project’s life: of course, they can continue to monitor the project’s progress as it goes from funding to fruition.

According to the platform’s site, the values of Citizinvestor team are:

  • Love where you live. No one likes the guy who hates his hometown. Every city is broken, we know that. But we believe we are called to love where we live.
  • Be audacious. Dream bigger. Have a healthy disrespect for the status quo. Never fear failure.
  • Be disciplined. Vision without discipline is false hope. We love lists and focus because we know that’s what makes us most free to do the best work.
  • Be self-aware. We know what we’re good at and what we suck at and we love that quality in others.
  • Transparency. Not lying is not enough. True transparency is in the best interest of everyone from customers, to employees, to partners.
  • Live generously. We believe that generosity makes us better citizens. One who lives generously seeks to put others above themselves, freely giving their time, energy, and resources.
  • Always be learning. Our love of learning spills into everything we do, from running constant experiments on our products to A/B testing messaging, to always having a book in our hands.
  • For good, for profit. Profit and social impact are not mutually exclusive. We believe the best way to create real change is by creating new value in the marketplace.

Under the actual projects that lack money are e.g. the Lansdowne Plaza Pilot Projects which is a current Municipal Parking lot on North Lansdowne Ave across from the Lansdowne Theater. Today, it is used for various city events such as the Lansdowne Farmer’s Market, Lansdowne’s Arts & Craft Show, Beginning & Ending of the Memorial Day 5K Run, the lighting of the Christmas Tree and meet & greet with Santa. This place allows an excellent opportunity for growth of an intentional, planned public space as it’s used as a public gathering space has developed organically over time.

 Under the last funded there is a very important social action called “Connecting Blind Children With Tech” that helps thousand blind children to get a real chance to be involved in today’s community life.
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