Well, to this moment Snapchat was a powerful tool for brands. But now it goes even further. If yesterday you had to turn on TV to watch your favorite show, today Chipotle Mexican Grill demonstrates you a weekly program on Snapchat.

Some food contamination crises have made lots of troubles and inconveniences for Chipotle Mexican Grill. Over 100 consumers were ill after eating at Chipotle and the company`s revenue decreased to $1,3 billion, down 20% from the same period a year prior. That`s why Chipotle has been trying to bring its reputation and customers back by using social networks. So, the restaurant has launched a show Snapchat for millennials. This show is called «School of Guac» and has a target audience of 13-24-year-old college students. The «Snapchat Generation» can watch it at 3 p.m. every Tuesday.

Chipotle. Snapchat Show

«Most of our audience is Gen Z and Gen Y who spend lots of time on Snapchat, so it makes sense for us to be where they are. We tend to be a little edgier than other brands. Snapchat gives us the canvas to be creative and design-driven,» said Jackson Jeyanayagam, the head of digital marketing for Chipotle.

«School of Guac» is a thought-out project by Lorena Russi with a The Daily Show-like setup. Vice-owned agency Carrot Creative has been working with Chipotle very hard to create a unique content with a satirical news coverage. For example, in the 1-st episode a taco drowning in salsa means the 13th zodiac sign Ophiuchus and in the 2-nd the main hero teaches how to turn burrito foil into a piggy bank.

Chipotle. Snapchat Show

«We’ve really tried to stay true to the variety show theme in an effort to hit on something for everyone, rather than everything for everyone,» said Jasmine Jabbour, the account director for Carrot Creative. ««School of Guac’ is about pop culture, burrito culture, and snap culture,» added Jabbour.

Surely, Chipotle Mexican Grill isn`t the one and only company which do business using TV programs on Snapchat. Skivvies brand MeUndies and online retailer Kit and Ace have the same strategy but Chipotle has fake commercial breaks into the show.

Chipotle. Snapchat Show

«It’s not just ask someone to stand on the street with their phone and say ‘Snapchat is the new TV.’ Chipotle wants to do more polished content,» said Jabbour. «Taco Bell is doing very well on Snapchat but it mainly takes an approach of walking around with a phone.»

Carrot Creative takes measurements and analyzes Snapchat with Delmondo`s help. It shows that the first two shows «School of Guac» see an average drop-off rate of 4,7%. compared to Delmondo’s benchmark of 25 percent, according to Jabbour.

«We mainly look at engagement, time spent on snaps, views and if people share on our ‘School of Guac’ on Twitter,» said Jeyanayagam.

To sum up, time will show how this Snapchat show helps Chipotle Mexican Grill. The restaurant makes different experiments and gimmes on Snapchat: advertisings on Discover, geofilters and special funny filters with an avocado instead of users’ heads. Now Chipotle wants to launch 10 shows and find a dissuasion about creating more programs with stable time on Snapchat or imagine something the same on Instagram Stories.

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