Black ad is advertisement too. Chelsea Cain could not imagine such an outcome. Thought it all began with one of Marvel comics last part of Motskingbird was presented. However, some people saw in lovely woman hero feminist tendencies


In brief

Marvel recently announced the release of the last part of the Mockingbird, written by Chelsea Cain. In fact, production was closed due to the low popularity of comics. The creator of the comic book series not only shared the news through her Twitter. She asked for her support and Marvel hint that it is not necessary to cancel the production of stories of women superheroes that women do.

MockingBird. Chelsea Cain
On the one hand, loyal fans experienced a loss. On the other hand, this decision was tied to the fact that the character of the heroine carry feminist sentiments. For example, such a resource like Funny Junk often come across ridicule on this topic. Below is an excerpt quite popular.

“I have an idea
We make a female super hero
That mocks the stereotypical flawless female hero trope
Like a criminal says “haha you can’t stop me!”
And she is like “why because I’m a girl?”
And he is like “No because I have a gun”
And then he shoots her and runs away
Then she gets medical or some ****
A d learns from her mistake
And buys a gun
The end”

Kane is also accused of distorting the story, which apparently was not the history that the heroine was raped.

MockingBird. Chelsea Cain
On Tuesday Chelsea Cain has decided that it is sufficient and that no longer receive so much negativity in her address. In the end, she just deleted her Twitter account. In response to Cain’s tweets, fans and fellow writers used the hashtag #IStandWithChelseaCain to show their support. Even Marvel’s editor-in-chief, Axel Alonso, joined the support for Cain. The last statement in this occasion were Chelseas’ words: “But know that I did not leave Twitter because of rape threats or because someone had posted my address, or any of the truly vile tactics you hear about. I left Twitter because of the ordinary daily abuse that I decided I did not want to live with anymore. The base level of casual crassness and sexism. “


Blessing in disguise

Despite the haters trying to spoil reputation of comics and their author, it seems that it only played in their favor. Mockingbird, Vol. 1 has now shot up to #1 on Amazon’s Marvel Comics bestseller list. Harassers helped users to learn about the book and buy it that is more support Chelsea. Who knows Marvel will change their mind about cancel. Grown Marvel’s sales of Mockingbird compensate Cain’s expenses and can possibly contribute to a change in the comics landscape.


“Feminist agenda”

Eventually it is time to understand that women make up not just half of the population and half of the readers of comics. It is not about feminist agenda. Chelsea Cain just wanted to have a face and voice in comic industry like an author of stories. Just stop attacking women creators!

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