Suzzan Atala, jeweller who created her own brand Tuza in 2015, transformed long-lasting fascination with jewellery into creating pretty charms adored by celebrities – vagina pendant included.


Empowering charms

Jeweller Suzzan Atala sees a certain magic in jewellery since her childhood – she was always interested why people wear this or another piece, what do they wanna say with it and how do they feel about it. It all began with cartoons and observations :”My dad is Lebanese and all his mates wore their shirts undone to show their chests, with these super shiny Lebanese cedre gold necklaces, almost as a way of having a recognition tag,” Suzzan says. In 2015, after making cheap jewellery for her friends and internship with a jeweller in London, she established her own brand, Tuza. The idea behind is simple yet catchy – Atala’s brand creates “wearable symbols of empowerment for all genders, and to create sustainably made pieces of jewellery that people will be wearing well past Trump’s hopefully short-lived presidency!”. And people do wear it – at least celebrities, who adore Tuza’s vagina charm.

Suzzan Atala. Tuza, The Brand Of Vulva Necklace Suzzan Atala. Tuza, The Brand Of Vulva Necklace


Vulva and a silver sheet

Vagina necklace (and other Tuza’s charms) came to life as a result of a collaboration with artist Maia Ruth Lee. Maia and Suzzan once decided to make a list of thigs that were symbolic for their life in New York – with the help of their friends they designed 50 charms, such as bike lock, dim-sum, cockroach, penis and their most popular one, vagina. Success of this necklace was pretty unexpected: “To me, it was a beautifully handmade piece – the vulva purposely resembled the Virgin Mary so I wanted to embellish it choosing a beautiful chain which is normally used for religious pendants. I did want to elevate it and make it look like a stunning jewellery pendant that could be used every day,” Atala tells about the concept. First Tuza’s client to notice the necklace was Scout Wills, who later showed it to her friend Adwoa, model and founder of Gurls Talk. As a person interested in women empowerment, she just had to have her own pendant.

Suzzan Atala. Tuza, The Brand Of Vulva Necklace Suzzan Atala. Tuza, The Brand Of Vulva Necklace

Next famous piece by Tuza is a broach for Fetty Wap and his shoot with Karl Templer. That Suzzan did was “Fetty” cut out on a silver sheet and decorated with charms. “Unfortunately, Fetty had a motorbike accident a couple of days before the shoot so he was in too much pain to finish the shoot. I gifted him the piece though, and he was so stoked. He also wrote a cute little Instagram message and suddenly we had thousands of random likes and comments, it was quite funny.”


Inspiration and inspiring collabs

Creative process is really important for Tuza’s founder, as she doesn’t like to follow trends – Atala prefers researches on vintage or ancient jewellery instead. She also cares about longevity and sustainability and as a result offers fine jewellery made from precious metals. Her inspiration is music from 70s and 80s, and while listeting Suzzan imagines girls – and girls’ jewelley which would be able to catch the spirit. That’s why her last collection was called “Rio” – after Duran Duran song.

After unexpectedly successful collaboration with Maia Ruth Lee and recent one with Creatures of Comfort, Atala planed some more – works with tattoo artist Rose Hardy and Rachael Howell from Smallspells are on the way.”It’s very refreshing when other creatives don’t have any technical limitations, so they have an idea and its my job to turn it into a beautiful wearable piece,” Suzzan shares.

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