What are parameters a progressive society characterized by? There should be a long list, but no doubts that the level of charitability would be significant point. Here are top-8 generous cities of America, just in case if you are planning to join one of the most progressive communities.

Let’s take a closer look at the most charitable cities by considering the largest nonprofits there.


San Diego, California

San Diego was named the most charitable city of 2017 by nonprofit evaluator and watchdog Charity Navigator. This city has almost 100 charitable nonprofits. Among them is Boys and Girls club that got 94,5 points for financial support and 96 points for Accountability and Transparency from Charity Navigator rating. That proves that San Diego is the best place for happy childhood. During 75 years this nonprofit has been working on better life for children in San Diego by providing quality programs and guidance in a safe and fun environment. Boys and Girls club serves around 25, 000 children annually to create a future of hope and opportunity for the young people in their community by providing kids with ongoing relationships with positive adult role models, and by instilling the knowledge, skills, strategies and attitudes to be successful. It inspires and enable youth to achieve academic success, build good character and responsible citizenship and make healthy lifestyle choices.


Houston, Texas

Houston is the last year favorite of Charity Navigator and there are around 100 big charitable organizations. Just as San Diego, Houston supports childhood and youth the most. Houston Children’s Charity is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for Greater Houston’s underprivileged, abused and disabled children who have been otherwise left behind. The scope of their support is limited only by the availability of resources. Since 1996 they are aiming to leave no legitimate request for assistance unanswered. Every year they surprise the city community with ingenious and useful campaigns. For example, in 2010 Houston broke the 1980 record of 32 days over 100° temperatures and ended up with 46 days over that 100° mark. So in 2011, out of need in our community, HCC launched “Kool Kidz” program that allowed 98 families the opportunity to stay cool during the hottest months of the year by providing them with air conditioners.


Tampa, Florida

One of the biggest charitable communities in Tampa is struggling with different types of cancers of children on the national level. National Pediatric Cancer Foundation is dedicated to eliminating childhood cancer and funding research to find more targeted and less toxic therapies for kids. For 25 years NPCF have funded multiple clinical trials, opened the first pediatric blood and tissue banking system in Florida and opened a research laboratory at Moffit Cancer Center. Last year $1.2 million were donated to the research under the Sunshine Project.


St. Petersburg, Florida

It seems that health protection is the strong suit of Florida’s charity sector. St. Petersburg Free Clinic is a proof. Since 1970 the organization has been providing its community neighbors assistance with food, shelter and health care. We have been caring for the underserved facing temporary emergency needs. The Free Clinic is comprised of eight programs that are a beacon of hope for families and individuals who fall through the crack of existing systems and services. One of them is “Food bank”. In 2015 over 2.9 million pounds of food was distributed in the community under this program. This was possible due to  grocery store chain partners (80% of food comes from this source) and food drives coordinated by churches, clubs, civic organizations, and individuals. Volunteers assist us in warehousing and maintaining a variety of food daily.


Dallas, Texas

Dallas is the most peaceful city among nonprofit cities leaders. One of the top-rated nonprofits of 2016 of Dallas, Texas is Peace is Possible. The organisation is dedicated to promoting peace and showing the world it is possible to love beyond our differences.It is raising peace awareness through the mediums of art and music . The main event of this nonprofit is a free educational annual festival called “Peace Day NTX”. They invite community leaders, nonprofits, artists and performers throughout the Texas region to work towards bridging cultural gaps and uniting people all over the state.


St. Louis, Missouri

The most generous nonprofits in St. Louis are organizations of religion. One of them is Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis that donates $2,582,500 annually. One of the main focus areas of them is supporting foreign-born populations. They are aiming to assist foreign-born individuals and families in achieving self-sufficiency, financial stability, and economic mobility, thereby enabling them to succeed and contribute to the community. Lutheran Foundation seeks to support congregations and organizations that are committed to improving the social and economic well-being of foreign-born individuals and families in the St. Louis area. They look to invest in services that allow foreign-born populations to “experience increased connectedness through community engagement and civic participation as well as improve their mental, physical and spiritual health”.


Saint Paul, Minnesota

Top leading animal charities are based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The most famous of them is Pawsitivity, a service that rescues dogs and trains them as loving and loyal service dogs, who are more than pets. It kills two birds in one brick by solving two problems. The first is the loneliness of disabled people and the second is mass killing of unwanted dogs in the US. Dogs of Pawsitivity are purposefully trained for different types of diseases and disorders: they are working with people with posttraumatic stress disorder, psychiatric disorders, epilepsy and autism. “If a person with a disability gets a service dog, they are more likely to be more independent, more content, more assertive, and have higher self-esteem” – is stated in the site of  the nonprofit.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

One of the first community foundations in the world is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For 102 years the Minneapolis Foundation  brings together people, ideas, and resources to improve lives, locally and globally. It works in three directions: MF admisters 1,200 charitable funds that enable individuals, families, and businesses to support causes they are passionate about; invests  grantmaking resources in programs and initiatives that aim to make Minneapolis more inclusive; researches, advocates, and help shape public policy around issues critical to the current and future vitality of our community. Last year, the Foundation and its donors invested nearly $60 million in programs and services that change lives and strengthen community.

Are you thinking about where to move? These the most generous city communities are welcoming everyone who shares their passion of helping each other.

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