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Ageism: Just Another –Ism Or A Real Issue?

It's not rare to hear about all types of discrimination in the workplace. When some like sexism can be detected, how can one, however, recognise ageism? Here are some insights on the problem.

/ August 18, 2016

Dramaturgy On The YouTube’s Theatre. Be, Or Not To Be?

Since YouTube has launched the ad-free streaming service YouTube Red, it didn’t hit the jackpot with new commercially successful shows. The problem is that media content like music videos or fails compilations can’t rub along with drama.

/ July 25, 2016

Why Snapchat’s Bitmoji Is Awesome News For Business

Couple of days ago Snapchat acquired relatively new application Bitmoji. One can already say that it is a great deal for an app with almost 59 million users. Why does a successful marketing-wise platform need some side business?

/ July 24, 2016

How Facebook Live Videos Can Save The World From Trump

With all the political turmoil it is obvious that media companies need to change the way they transmit news. Realising that Trump got real, publishers have turned to their last resort to show the real face of political mishmash – Facebook live videos.

/ July 21, 2016

Down To The Short Strokes: Why Timing Is Essential To Success On Instagram

Instagram, online photo and video-sharing platform, conquered the hearts of many brands. But to truly succeed on Instagram, you should know some specific tricks that big Fortune 500 companies implement.

/ July 20, 2016

Several Things You Should Know About Facebook Live Videos

Facebook Live Video, being introduced in 2015, has become a really big thing for typical Facebook users, brands, and publishers. Let’s look where the FB Live Videos stand right now.

/ July 18, 2016

Why New Pinterest Ads Strategy Allows Businesses Reach New Heights

Pinterest, top world’s content sharing service, decided to implement new strategies regarding its ads. Let’s discuss how they have done it and what exactly the new strategy will bring about.

/ July 14, 2016

Trendy Power: Which Fashion Publishers Prevail in Social Media

Young women and girls choose broad content covering all spheres of social life, meanwhile the most successful fashion content publishers shows how to attract young audience.

/ July 3, 2016

Reasons Fox News Knows How To Enchant Everyone On Facebook

Fox News, American news channel, got ranked as one of the most engaging news pages on Facebook. Why don’t we discuss why and how the Fox News boosted the popularity of their Facebook Fan Page and what posts got the most feedback.

/ July 1, 2016