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8 Immigrant Entrepreneurs Who Refute The Trump’s Foreign Policy Agenda

Immigrants represent only 13% of the population of the US, yet they are responsible for starting more that a quarter of new businesses. Moreover, foreign-born entrepreneurs or their children account for 40% of the Fortune 500 companies in 2010. 

/ July 19, 2017

Circular Board: A Virtual Accelerator For Womenpreneurs You Should Know

If you keep searching for a business accelerator of your dreams, and nothing seems to fit, try Circular Board. This virtual collaborative accelerator for women entrepreneurs may just be what your heart desires and your business needs. 

/ July 18, 2017

Grantmaking Pyramid Strategy: Inside The Bridgespan And Ford Foundation Initiative

Nonprofits traditionally are opposed to businesses because not money but charity is in focus there.  But this naïve misconception can turn into significant money loss. Nonprofits have something to learn from businesses to manage their finance effectively. For these purposes Grantmaking Pyramid strategy was invented.

/ July 14, 2017

Nicole Cardoza & Yoga Foster: How To Turn Your Passion Into A Full-time Career

Just three years ago technician Nicole Cardoza quit her job to turn her volunteer hobby into a full-time occupation. Launching Yoga Foster, she could barely afford a start-up. No money, no business plan. Just the idea. How did Nicole Cardoza manage to create a profitable nationwide...

/ July 10, 2017

Give Work: 10 Companies That Made Charity Innovative

It seems that innovations and new technical facilities are all about businesses and spheres where people trade and buy. But it is not so: charitable companies and nonprofits sometimes prove to be more innovative and creative. Here are top 10 of them.

/ July 10, 2017

Founders Of Color: How Kelly Burton Proves That Business Doesn’t Have a Color

People of color are equal members of business world nowadays. However, the trace of the  former discrimination remains: due to numerous factor firms of entrepreneurs of color are not growing on pace with white-led firms. Kelly Burton is here to fix it.  

/ July 6, 2017
Bunche Middle School

New Schools Venture Fund: Empowering Edupreneurs And The Future Of Education

New School Venture Fund is a non-profit on a mission to create better opportunities for children from low-income families. Not only does the company support the K-12 education system in the US, but it also invests in the most promising education entrepreneurs.

/ July 4, 2017

Citizinvestor: How Joy Randels Turns Public Projects Into The Real Deal

Citizinvestor is a crowdfunding and civic engagement platform for local government projects. It allows citizen from the US to post their project ideas and grow them into a real movement with people's help. One of the CEOs of Citizinvestor is Joy Randels.

/ June 29, 2017

5 Artificial Intelligence Start-Ups For Treating Cancer: The Future Is Here

These mission-driven start-ups are applying Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to diagnose and fight cancer — one of the biggest challenges of our time.

/ June 26, 2017