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#GiveWork: How Leila Janah Fights Global Poverty

Despite a rapid economic and marketing development the world experiences last century, people still have to deal with frightening poverty in some world corners. Leila Janah launched initiative which offers an innovative solution for reducing the world poverty.

/ December 20, 2017

Park Yeon-mi: Behind The Story Of The Most Controversial North Korea’s Refugee

Yeon-mi, a refugee from North Korea, is nowadays one of the recognizable activists for refugee’s human rights. After moving to the US she launched several projects in order to rise social awareness and continue volunteering both in America and South Korea.

/ December 5, 2017

Susan Fowler: How One Sexual Harassment Story Disarmed Uber’s Upper Management

Susan Fowler, an ex-employee of Uber, exposed problems with sexual harassment at the company. Uber's CEO ordered to pursue an investigation, which led to firings and stiffening of work discipline. This story has rocked the boat seriously and revealed that the company tends to break the...

/ November 13, 2017

Big Brother: How Louis Quail Fights Stigma By Documenting Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder which destroys human life and the life of the whole family. Stigma and discrimination of human rights of such people is a common practice. Louis Quail recently made a series of photographs "Big brother" dedicated to his own brother coping...

/ November 3, 2017

Dr. Charlene Senn: A University Course Helping To Defend From Sexual Harassment

How we can prevent sexual harassment in universities? Should one try to cut the rape attempts or is it more effective to work on victim's defense? Dr. Charlene Senne, a Canadian psychologist, gives her own answer.

/ November 2, 2017

8 IBD Advocates Who Show What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

We are all born different. Sometimes our body fails, and the disease seems to take complete control of our existence. People from the list below show by their example that even with such autoimmune disease as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) one can continue to lead a...

/ October 3, 2017

No is Not Enough: Why Trump Is a Symptom of Neoliberal Capitalism At Its Worst

Naomi Klein, Canadian social and political activist, well-known for her criticism of capitalism, recently published a new book “No is Not Enough. Her previous works have already been awarded a title of best-sellers and gained several prizes. “No is Not Enough” carries Klein's critical message and...

/ September 26, 2017

7 Body-Positive Activists That Change The Way You Look In The Mirror

Despite the pressure of public taste these 7 body-positive activists know how to escape a cliche life perception and start living the life you want to have in the body you feel comfortable in.

/ September 18, 2017

Bryan C. Lee Jr.: How Paper Monuments Project City History

Architecture should not be a privilege of a small group of architects, but a platform for sharing opinions and constant discussion in order to build a safe and comfortable atmosphere for future generations means a New Orleans architect Bryan C. Lee Jr.

/ September 12, 2017