Category: Creativity

Women Who: How Otegha Uwagba Helps Women Who Create

It seems that creative sphere is the most democratic in terms of gender equality. There are people who are open-minded and who experiment a lot. However, still It is hard to compete with men in DIY. Otegha Uwagba is on the mission to fix it.

/ August 15, 2017

Ambiance: Why Anders Weberg Is Making The Longest Film Ever

Do you feel like you’ve watched everything on this planet? Don’t have new series and movies to see but a lot of free time? Anders Weberg has a solution for you. Just in 3 years, he is going to release the film that runs for 720...

/ August 15, 2017

Iranian Aliens Project: Young People For Grassroots Revolution

Young creative people are looking for new ways to rebel in the hardline regime of Iran. Alex Pierce travelled to the strict Islamic country to observe and learn the rising underground subculture of Iranian Aliens.

/ August 14, 2017

Gaza Girls: How Monique Jaques Reflects Real Moments Of Life In The Gaza Strip

What does come first when you think about Gaza Strip? Violence, poverty, conflict. A photographer and journalist Monique Jaques decided to move away from the negative perspective and showed an everyday life of girls who are living in Gaza.

/ August 14, 2017

Laibach In Pyongyang: The Story Of The First North Korean Rock Concert

Could you imagine avant-garde industrial band on the scene of North Korea, the most closed country of the world? No kidding, Laibach became the first-ever Western rock group to perform in North Korea's capital, Pyongyang.

/ August 8, 2017

Pearl Jam Activism: When Grunge Meets Green

From the last century musicians got a priceless opportunity to translate their ideas with a wide range of tools. One of these lucky activists is a band called Pearl Jam, and now they are here to change the world for better.

/ August 7, 2017

10 Female Photographers Redefining Contemporary Femininity

When someone talks about well-known women in art, many people imagine not an artist but a subject of art. What does it mean to be a Women of Art today? Next 10 female photographers can bring you a clue to Contemporary Femininity in Art.

/ August 1, 2017

Rise Of The Sufferfests: A Documentary Made Of Mud An Drive

There are people who voluntary swim in mud, get scars and even are reday to pay for this. Dangerous but exciting games called obstacle course racing (OCR) united more than 7 million people worldwide. The recently shot documentary "Rise of the Suffersests" turned to its director...

/ August 1, 2017

How Black Women Artists Fight Racism And Identity Disguise

Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter is a collective that unites black feminist women against problems of racial discrimination and its institutionalisation. Now they explore strategies that structure human's identity at the exhibition called THREE.: On Visibility and Camouflage.

/ July 24, 2017