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The Story Of Kate Fenner: How To Turn Mental Illness Into Art

Just imagine: you can’t distinguish what is real and what is delusion anymore. People, who surround you, become shadows. Instead, you see eyes and insects, and hear voices and noises, that don’t exist. This is the world of a 19-year-old girl, Kate Fenner, who suffers from...

/ May 25, 2017

Inside ‘The Bootstraps’: The Project That Hands Out Money To Test Universal Basic Income System

Just imagine: every week you get a check, which can cover your basic living expenses. Not a credit or something you have to return. Guaranteed check for $1000. Sounds like dreams come true, right? But what if I told you that it’s not a fairytale, but...

/ May 24, 2017

Girl Talk HQ: How A True Millennial Woman Rethinks Feminism

Asha Dahya is a founder of a, a website aimed to inform, entertain and inspire a whole new generation of media consumers, especially women.

/ May 23, 2017

Lesbians Who Tech: A Community Of Queer Women In Tech (And The People Who Love Them)

Nowadays LGBT women are advancing in the tech world, but they need help finding support in such a male-dominated field, so that’s why Lesbians Who Tech was created.

/ May 22, 2017
The founders of Blavity, from left to right: Aaron Samuels, Morgan DeBaun, Jonathan Jackson and Jeff Nelson.

Blavity: A Digital Community For Under-Represented Millennials

As Hip Hop culture continues to expand its global influence, there is a unique opportunity to shape a new narrative around what young African Americans consider cool, cutting edge, and aligned with their diverse lifestyles.

/ May 19, 2017

Norman McLaren’s Visual Music: Personal, Experimental And Diverse In Technique

Norman McLaren was at once a practitioner and a theorist of animated art. He made his own music by drawing, etching and photographing patterns directly onto the sound track area of the film and became one of the pioneers of electronic music in the 20th century,...

/ May 18, 2017

The Mushpit Magazine: How Feminists Express Their Anger

Can you imagine how would be look like a magazine founded by two girls who tired of the rule-bound world of fashion? No identical models, no ads, no censorship… Best friends from London created their own independent, satirical, feminist periodical born out of the anger and...

/ May 16, 2017

Meet Julie Houts: An Illustrator Who Perfectly Understands Your Millennial Soul

A designer by day and Instagram illustration star by night, Julie Houts is the mind of humorous and brilliant sketches, speech bubbles, and occasional reality TV clips. No one is flawless and Houts demonstrates it in a funny way.

/ May 16, 2017

Meet Amanda Gorman: The First Youth Poet Laureate Of The West

Called the 'next great figure of poetry in the US', nineteen-year-old Amanda Gorman has been named the first National Youth Poet Laureate! This is just one of her numerous achievements. However, all honors are just means of achieving Amanda’s main goal – to change the attitude...

/ May 16, 2017