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FilmUp: How Aryeh Hoppenstein Disrupts The Film Industry

Aryeh Hoppenstein is another participant of WelkerMedia Fellowship 2017. His platform FilmUp helps to connect students, professionals and companies of the film industry. Only 2 months after being launched, FilmUp is already showing rapid growth.

/ June 9, 2017

The Editorialist LA: How Marissa Pomerance Helps The Local LA Industries

Marissa Pomerance is a WelkerMedia Fellowship Applicant. Her carefully curated blog is dedicated to the LA food, fashion and lifestyle scene. Marissa has big plans for developing her platform and making it The Place to turn to for advice on all things LA.

/ June 9, 2017

10 Contemporary African Artists You Should Know

What do you know about African Art? Not much, right? These artists have decided to change the situation and tell people the truth about their life to convey our current world.

/ June 6, 2017
Hanifa Ambadar

Hanifa Ambadar and Female Daily: Building Indonesia’s Largest Online Beauty Community Platform

Hanifa Ambadar had a plan. She knew from early on that she wanted to get my master’s degree and start a family as soon as possible. So that’s what happened when she graduated from college; started her master’s and got married. But then her plan changed.

/ June 5, 2017

‘Our World, My Voice’: How Can A Young Woman’s Voice Change The World?

Have your ever thought how media depicts young women? The project ‘Our World, My Voice’ dispels all myths about millennium girls and gives young women an opportunity to use their voice and to be heard.

/ June 5, 2017

10 Creatives Who Suffer From Disorders And Illnesses

We’ve heard a lot about famous artists like Edvard Munch or Vincent van Gogh, but what do you know about our contemporaries, who create despite their illness? So, here 10 people, who have two things in common: art and mental disease.

/ May 31, 2017

The Story Of Kate Fenner: How To Turn Mental Illness Into Art

Just imagine: you can’t distinguish what is real and what is delusion anymore. People, who surround you, become shadows. Instead, you see eyes and insects, and hear voices and noises, that don’t exist. This is the world of a 19-year-old girl, Kate Fenner, who suffers from...

/ May 25, 2017

Inside ‘The Bootstraps’: The Project That Hands Out Money To Test Universal Basic Income System

Just imagine: every week you get a check, which can cover your basic living expenses. Not a credit or something you have to return. Guaranteed check for $1000. Sounds like dreams come true, right? But what if I told you that it’s not a fairytale, but...

/ May 24, 2017

Girl Talk HQ: How A True Millennial Woman Rethinks Feminism

Asha Dahya is a founder of a, a website aimed to inform, entertain and inspire a whole new generation of media consumers, especially women.

/ May 23, 2017