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How His Holiness Pope Francis Becomes a Young Entrepreneurs’ Role Model

The Laudato Si challenge provides a six-months program mentoring and investing in start-ups that have a potential to tack world's biggest problems. It is based upon The Laudato Si text by His Holiness Pope Francis and inspires people to act together for the public good.

/ June 21, 2017

Techarity: 12 Tech Companies That Made Philanthropy A Corporate Idea

Do you think that tech industry nowadays is only about producing the next "unicorns"? In particular yes, but for the new generation of tech companies, big income and success goes hand in hand with charity. Here is the list of the most generous tech brands that...

/ June 20, 2017

Digital Dialogues: What Topics Can Be Discussed At Digital Meetings

What do some people think about digital meetings? A lot of too clever guys, who are crazy about technology and speak incomprehensible language. However, it’s not so most of times. For instance, Digital Dialogues has chosen another approach.

/ June 19, 2017

10 Startup Accelerating Programs For Womenpreneurs You Should Know

More and more companies are founded by women. Now, more and more startup accelerators are here to help that process boost even further. Here is a list of such accelerators you should consider as a hopeful womanpreneur. 

/ June 15, 2017

One Million By One Million: How This Virtual Accelerator Sharpens Your Business Ideas

In 2010, a strategy consultant from Silicon Valley Sramana Mitra founded the One Million by One Million business incubator. Today, 1M/1M grows dozens of young entrepreneurs every year and helps them to reach a million dollars in annual revenue.

/ June 15, 2017

Unconditional Basic Income: Utopia or Panacea for Society’s Ills?

Basic income is a highly debated topic nowadays. This policy can become a short-term solution for problems like unemployment. However, its long-term effects can be loss of motivation to work, end of welfare system and crime growth.

/ June 13, 2017

Sexy Boss: How Heather Havenwood Rethinks Sex, Money And Success In Entrepreneurship For Women

«My name is Heather Havenwood and I am a Sexy Boss» – that’s what you first see in the Sexy Book’s description. This quote of the author does not only catch your attention but also it makes you understand what the book is about and who...

/ June 12, 2017

Nature Beauty Movement And What Lies Beneath It

A big number of consumers are leaning towards more expensive but natural-based cosmetics instead of chemical-filled ones. It’s a growing segment that is a game changer for the whole beauty industry.

/ June 9, 2017

No Rest For The Baby Boomers: Why Student Loans Are Threatening Their Retirement

Have you heard? It's not just the millennials drowning in student loan debt. Surprisingly, It is the American Baby Boomers that are stealing the spotlight in this undesirable race.

/ June 6, 2017