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How L’Oreal, Artfinder & UNESCO Team With Nonprofits To Drive Gender Awareness

Calls for greater gender equality influenced on L’Oreal, Artfinder, UNESCO, and various nonprofits to join the forces with artists to reflect the role of women in society and illustrate gender imbalance.

/ March 28, 2017

THINX Underwear: Feminism, Grapefruit and Corporate Issues

Miki Agrawal created Thinx in order to help women live a normal life during the "week of shame". With the help of bold grapefruit campaigns she has built an image of taboo-busting brand, standing up for women's rights. Yet, her employees feel suppressed...

/ March 27, 2017

How ‘Charity: Water’ Makes A Connection Between Donors And Whom They Help

Founded in 2006, Charity: Water is aimed to provide developing countries with clear drinkable water. Since then the organization managed to attract various partners and now plays a comanagement role, controlling mapping, long-term planning, and strategic investing on the ground.

/ March 27, 2017

“Water & Power: A California Heist”: NatGeo’s New Doc Exposing Greed In The Water Business

Don’t be tricked by all the rain and snow this winter: another drought is likely around the corner. As “Water & Power: A California Heist,” a National Geographic documentary, narrates the state is facing problems that go deeper than just filling its reservoirs.

/ March 22, 2017

Influenster: How Aydin Acar Has Combined Influence And Commerce

Influenster is a community of over 3 million social savvy shoppers that review products and share their opinion to help other members to find new goods and make informed purchases.

/ March 21, 2017

Mada Masr’s Campaign: Politics Is Everywhere, Not Only In Government

In our Dislocated World rocked by political turmoil, organizations try to re-engage with a politically detached Generation Z. As this problem solution online newspaper Mada Masr uses funny ads.

/ March 16, 2017

Maybe Capital: A New Sarcastic VC Board Game About Silicon Valley

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a venture capitalist? Well, meet Maybe Capital Board Game, the first accurate and satiric VC board game about Silicon Valley, that will lead you through the tricky process of raising money.

/ March 13, 2017

Play And Learn: How STEM Toys Are Gaining Ground

As more and more parents want to ensure their kid's development in science, technology, engineering and math fields, toy industry responds to these needs with continuous provision of STEM educational toys.

/ March 13, 2017

Truth or Lie: Can Rumuki Save Your Life And Protect Porn?

A 24-year-old software engineer from New Zealand Nathan Kot created an app which will prevent your porn from revenging. Or not.

/ March 13, 2017