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Diversity Advocates: 7 Most Influential French Feminists To Watch

The French Revolution has first proclaimed liberal and radical ideas and gave birth to multiple feminist theses which became an independent freestanding movement forming up social opinion. Here we offer you a list of the most influential French feminists that contributed a significant mite to achieving...

/ December 26, 2017

How Khora Community Center Provides Refugees With Respite

Since 2015, millions of those who suffer from violence and unsafety have been immigrating to the European countries. As many governments do not manage to provide refugees with all their needs, these gaps are filled by volunteer centers. Khora is one of the good examples of...

/ December 23, 2017

UndocuQueer Movement: A Brief History And Works Of Julio Salgado

"UndocuQueer" movement defends the rights of undocumented queer immigrants, facing difficulties in the US. Julio Salgado, one of the activists, framed his attitude to the issue in form of illustration project.

/ December 17, 2017

How Coding Helps Afghanistan Women To Build A Better Future

Afghanistan women cope with a daily discrimination which terribly limits their life. For this reason, they study programming. That's quite a safe way to reveal their strength, courage, diligence and to become financially and socially independent.

/ December 14, 2017

10 Powerful African Feminists Who Fight For Women Rights

Africa turned out to suffer terribly from the lack of women rights. Although white Western feminism pays little attention to the experience of black women, they successfully show significant gains to the whole world, particularly in policy and legislation, overcome indifference and make all the people...

/ December 11, 2017

#MeToo: How Chinese Feminists Fight Against Sexual Harassment

In China, people in power still find it difficult to accept that sexual violence is a major problem and the majority continues to claim "inappropriate" behaviour of women who became victims. Public activism and feminist auctions, however, lead a battle for influencing the agenda.

/ December 8, 2017

How Korean Activists’ Sit-in Ends After 5 Years

Disabled Koreans mostly live in isolation. There are many reasons including the lack of support, social discrimination, and low self-esteem. Five years sit-in organized by a disability rights group covered all these issues attempting to lay a foundation for positive changes.

/ December 2, 2017

Valeria Luiselli: Continuing Stories of Child Migration Or “Tell Me How It Ends”

In her book Mexican author transmits words of immigrant children, who try to find a shelter in the US. The investigation carried by journalist in 2014, during the epicenter of migration crisis, lasts until now. And the questions which arises within this issue do not seem to be...

/ November 8, 2017

8 Iranian Feminists Who Dedicated Their Lives To Improve Women’s Social Status

Iran is a home for the brave followers of different rights movements. Female activists represent one of the strongest and the biggest groups. They take risky steps that cause many arrests but it doesn't prevent them from fighting.

/ November 4, 2017