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naomi klein

People Against Neoliberalism: Why We Are Not Okay With This System

Neoliberalism – destroying unions, defunding social services, deregulating the economy – and all this with a firm belief that what's good for the market is good for the society. But not everyone is okay with that. This is how people fight this ruthless economic system that...

/ August 17, 2017

CryptoParties: Big Brother Won’t Watch You Anymore

The feeling that someone is watching you is no longer a symptom of paranoia and a hint to check your mental health. Every day the utopia from Orwell's pages becomes more and more real. You are being watched. And it’s legal. Can CryptoParties become an effective...

/ August 17, 2017

Digital Activism School: 8 Young Minority Changemakers You Need To Know

Today's youth have been described as apathetic and less politically active, but these young (and some of the are really young) minority activists prove this statement wrong. They are spreading awareness, educating the world, helping homeless, and even giving pep talks.

/ August 15, 2017

Global Oneness Project: Educating By Delving Deeper Into The Story

Global Oneness Project, a digital education platform, believes that the idea of interconnectedness and interdependence is crucial in educating kids. It “brings the world to the classroom” via compelling stories, films and photo essays. Current issues, real-life stories, creative solutions.

/ August 15, 2017
I am more than a test score sign

Why The Idea Of Teacher Activism Is Much Broader Than You Think

With failing education system, growing achievement gap and Trump's deportation threats, teacher activism becomes an everyday reality. These educators are not just teaching, the are standing up for their students, whether it involves taking to the streets, protecting undocumented kids or starting a community garden.

/ August 14, 2017

8 Volunteer Matching Platforms That Will End Your Search For Change

People have become socially responsible and realized that they can be involved in social changes. Today the voluntary sector is crucial for community development, while non-profits eagerly and globally seek for educated volunteers.  We make a list of volunteer matching platforms that will ease your search for...

/ August 14, 2017

Making Britain Great Again: 7 Female British Activists Who Are Changing The Country

Great Britain traditionally takes one of the top position in the quality of life raitings. However, there are still things to be changed. Meet 7 ladies who are here to make Great Britain better than great. 

/ August 8, 2017

7 Young Political Activists Who Fight For Gender Equality

How to resist being a young advocate of gender equality in the harsh global political field? Here is a list of noticeable "under 35" politicians with a controversial background who make a stand on the issue of women’s rights.

/ August 7, 2017
Natalia Ortiz

Teaching For Change: Four Activists Behind ‘The Pedagogy Of Teacher Activism’

“Being a teacher, almost by definition, means being an activist”, says teacher and author David Chura. The Pedagogy of Teacher Activism by Keith Catone shares stories of four teacher activists – Rosie Frascella, Natalia Ortiz, Kari Kokka, and Lisa North – who educate towards social justice.

/ August 7, 2017