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Polisario: How Long Will The International Community Look The Other Way?

The case of Western Sahara has just come way up in the headlines, as one of the most disruptive crises this year, or perhaps this decade. Will the international community let this go on for another thirty years?

/ September 18, 2017

La Resistencia: Venezuela’s Youth Takes On The Government

The stronger rage engulfed the younger generation is, the more insistent and sophisticated methods of their struggle are. The continuing anti-government street protests in Venezuela remind war battlefield. Several months later the Chamos de la Resistencia or, roughly, the Youth Resistance does not give up.

/ September 12, 2017

These 6 Female Arab Cartoonists Know How To Challenge Authority

The stereotypical image of a Muslim woman is crushed by these decisive female cartoonists who fight for their rights with pencil in their hands.

/ August 28, 2017

Advocating For A Cashless Society: How The EU Hides Behind The Complication Of Terrorism

The EU has past the period during which it was only the result of its member-nations' wish to work together: it is now an entity of its own, a super-state. The EU is trying a new strategy: establishing its influence on European citizens by cutting a...

/ August 22, 2017
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People Against Neoliberalism: Why We Are Not Okay With This System

Neoliberalism – destroying unions, defunding social services, deregulating the economy – and all this with a firm belief that what's good for the market is good for the society. But not everyone is okay with that. This is how people fight this ruthless economic system that...

/ August 17, 2017

CryptoParties: Big Brother Won’t Watch You Anymore

The feeling that someone is watching you is no longer a symptom of paranoia and a hint to check your mental health. Every day the utopia from Orwell's pages becomes more and more real. You are being watched. And it’s legal. Can CryptoParties become an effective...

/ August 17, 2017

Digital Activism School: 8 Young Minority Changemakers You Need To Know

Today's youth have been described as apathetic and less politically active, but these young (and some of the are really young) minority activists prove this statement wrong. They are spreading awareness, educating the world, helping homeless, and even giving pep talks.

/ August 15, 2017

Global Oneness Project: Educating By Delving Deeper Into The Story

Global Oneness Project, a digital education platform, believes that the idea of interconnectedness and interdependence is crucial in educating kids. It “brings the world to the classroom” via compelling stories, films and photo essays. Current issues, real-life stories, creative solutions.

/ August 15, 2017
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Why The Idea Of Teacher Activism Is Much Broader Than You Think

With failing education system, growing achievement gap and Trump's deportation threats, teacher activism becomes an everyday reality. These educators are not just teaching, the are standing up for their students, whether it involves taking to the streets, protecting undocumented kids or starting a community garden.

/ August 14, 2017