Category: Activism

Valeria Luiselli: Continuing Stories of Child Migration Or “Tell Me How It Ends”

In her book Mexican author transmits words of immigrant children, who try to find a shelter in the US. The investigation carried by journalist in 2014, during the epicenter of migration crisis, lasts until now. And the questions which arises within this issue do not seem to be...

/ November 8, 2017

8 Iranian Feminists Who Dedicated Their Lives To Improve Women’s Social Status

Iran is a home for the brave followers of different rights movements. Female activists represent one of the strongest and the biggest groups. They take risky steps that cause many arrests but it doesn't prevent them from fighting.

/ November 4, 2017

Sahar Speaks: Amie And Lesley Ferris Bring An International Voice Of Afghan Woman

Throughout more than 5 years Amie Ferris-Rotman and Lesley Ferris, her mother, work on freedom of expression. In 2015 daughter launched a project "Sahar Speaks", which aimed at advancing opportunities for Afghan female journalists.

/ October 29, 2017

Lifebuoy For Social Entrepreneurs: Amaphiko Academy Teaches How To Stay Afloat

Social entrepreneurship has acquired a second wind in Africa. Here, many want to bear social responsibility, but without support of an experienced mentor such initiatives can not last long. Redbull set an example by launching the Amaphiko Academy, a program that helps businesses stay afloat.

/ October 2, 2017

7 Young and Influenced Latina Feminists Who Really Make a Difference

Basing on personal experience, these witnesses of human rights impairment contribute their mite in making our world a better place. Their initiatives have already won a huge response from both local and international authority. These seven Latin feminists are here to give a lesson on social...

/ September 26, 2017

How Digital Activism Education Can Make People Accept ‘Slacktivism’

When something acquires power and influence in society, the most important thing is to use this power wisely. Why do we need to be educated about digital activism within our universities or high schools?

/ September 26, 2017

Polisario: How Long Will The International Community Look The Other Way?

The case of Western Sahara has just come way up in the headlines, as one of the most disruptive crises this year, or perhaps this decade. Will the international community let this go on for another thirty years?

/ September 18, 2017

La Resistencia: Venezuela’s Youth Takes On The Government

The stronger rage engulfed the younger generation is, the more insistent and sophisticated methods of their struggle are. The continuing anti-government street protests in Venezuela remind war battlefield. Several months later the Chamos de la Resistencia or, roughly, the Youth Resistance does not give up.

/ September 12, 2017

These 6 Female Arab Cartoonists Know How To Challenge Authority

The stereotypical image of a Muslim woman is crushed by these decisive female cartoonists who fight for their rights with pencil in their hands.

/ August 28, 2017