American reality TV personality, HIV/AIDS activist, and Victoria’s Secret first transgender model, Carmen Carrera was born in 1985 as Christopher Roman. She fights ignorance and disrepect towards transgender women being one of the leaders of “the contemporary trans revolution.” 


Before “Carmen”

She first earned fame appearing as a drag queen on the third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. A drag queen is usually a male dressing in drag (women’s clothes) and acting in a feminine gender role. Traditionally there’s heavy make-up, and artificial eyelashes attached. It must be defined more precisely, though, that drag is not only about gay men, there are drag artists of all possible sexual and gender identities. When she first tried it, it was her cousin who assisted her, a MAC artist at that time. She learned how to express that woman inside of her.

“I felt free on that stage. I embraced my femininity, I had confidence, and my favorite cousin Melissa did my makeup,” – recalls Carrera in an Elle interview.

Carmen Carrera's TRANSformation. Elle

Carmen Carrera's TRANSformation. Elle


Carrera’s Career

Soon after the shooting was accomplished she signed a contract with Elite, NY modelling agency. Carrera appeared in W magazine and was working on a fashion film with a renowned photographer Steven Meisel. Here is the picture of her giving a live burlesque performance at a party celebrating the film premiere.

Carmen Carrera's TRANSformation

RuPaul’s Drag Race was established for redefining beauty standards. Carmen Carrera’s contribution consisted in breaking the ‘beauty block wall’ for trans people. Being one of the faces of transgender community, she manifested its endless possibilities:

“Once you get to that point of finally realizing who you are and be strong enough to live it, anything is possible. I want to walk the Victoria’s Secret show. I want to walk all the shows all over the world. I want to be on Maxim’s 100. I want to make People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People. Those are my goals. Because I feel like trans people need a positive representation and if I have that opportunity now, in my youth, right now, I’m going to take it.”

Charge! Aim! Fire! Her fans made it real for her to become Victoria’s Secret model signing The petition. Thanks to that Carmen could join the club of Angels consisting of legendary Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum and Miranda Kerr. Not only has she been the first transgender woman to become Victoria’s Angel, but also to marry on reality TV. Her crush and long awaited husband Adrian Torres has two children who are now Carrera’s kids too and it seems like she is truly committed to being a good mother.

Carmen Carrera's TRANSformation

Carmen Carrera's TRANSformation

Bird Set Free

Confronting yourself, Carmen thinks, is the only way to set yourself free. She is aimed at, first and foremost, finding balance, and yoga helps achieve the needed mind order. Workouts do a great deal too in realizing the body she possesses of, total control over it, and the intention to use the best of its abilities. Her attitude to sport seems to copy the one to life:

When you start working out and feel like you want to give up within the first 5 minutes, and you can overcome that, I use that as a metaphor. When I’m in the middle of a workout and I want to walk out, I want to give up so badly, but keep going anyway–once I complete the class, that sense of accomplishment means so much to me. I use that feeling that you get knowing that you accomplished something to motivate me. When you start to see the results, that feeling is so priceless, it’s like nothing you’ve ever felt before. It’s not even joy, it’s not even excitement, it’s just a clear sense of accomplishment. And that’s what inspires me to accomplish everything else.


Transgender 101

Carmen also has a popular video on Youtube where she discusses the most urgent topics relating to the problem of transgender. So, here is what you need to know about trans women:
1. Transgender women should bу addressed as “she”, “her”, “ma’am”, “miss”, “hers”, “herself’. In other words, avoid misgendering.
Misgender: to refer to someone, using a pronoun or form of address, that does not correctly reflect the gender they identify with.
2. Transgender women consider themselves heterosexual.
3. You don’t need to menstruate and have a uterus to be a woman. She arguments it with the following data: statistics shows that in 2014 almost half the women population from 15 to 44 were childless.
4. Hooking up with a trans woman is a big luck.
Still questioning? Carmen also took part in a video devoted to the thematic FAQ. Do watch it so that you are never confused.
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