Could you ever imagine that a picture from a cereal pack would become an idol for millennials? That they’ll launch fashion apparel, accessories, in-person experiences and even cooperate with TV show? If not, read this article – and you’ll have no choice but to believe.


Cereals, midnight snacks and male millennials

Well, let’s confess: the niche of breakfast cereals is too crowded and, therefore, not really attractive. There are numerous brands with numerous cartoon characters, however it seems that Cap’n Crunch has found his own key to success. The key is – male millennials (beauty companies are not alone). Company understood that target audience includes not only children, as commonly cited, but also single men aged 20 and 30, who are not used to cook on their own. Thus, a midnight snack which consists of a bowl of Cap’n Crunch is a perfect solution.

You would probably claim that men do not care about a cover boy, however the point is that no one has tried to attract them through direct communications and content which they are engaged with. Cap’n Crunch tried. And this was a perfect match. “Millennial males are a pretty untapped audience within cereal, so we realized that that paired nicely. We knew that Cap’n Crunch was uniquely suited to reach those consumers,”said Jessica Spaulding, Quaker’s Ready-to-Eat Cereal Marketing Director.


Fashion collaboration with KITH

Want to market millennials? Be dope. Cap’n Crunch decided to start with fashion and launch a ‘dope’ collaboration with the New York streetwear brand KITH. The collection includes a range of apparel (hoodies, t-shirts, boxers etc.), accessories (snapbacks, keychains), which are supplemented by fashionable advertisements and three animated 15-second commercials, featuring the Captain of course.  What is more, cereal brand created a limited edition with marshmallow bites, which was sold as a part of collaboration campaign.


Cap’n Crunch. Millennials Idol

Cap’n Crunch. Millennials Idol


“They, like me, want to push the envelope and offer fans something completely unique. I am very proud of the work we’ve been able to put together,” – told Ronnie Fieg, the KITH founder, “From there, the opportunities go as far as you are willing to take them”. And Ronnie is right, the opportunities for this collaboration and advertising campaign are numerous, as long as both parts are interested in this niche.


Yes, Cap’n Crunch is a future movie star

Another component of successful branding campaign is media exposure, and Cap’n Crunch decided to cooperate with comedy website Funny or Die and its “The Earliest Show” starring Ben Schwartz and Lauren Lapkus, in which they play talk show hosts. Initially, Cap’n Crunch acted solely as a sponsor for organic product drop as a supplement to morning show. Just imagine, a morning show in the midnight and a morning food as a night snack. It falls into place, isn’t it?

“If you’d asked me a year ago about working with a brand under this sort of creative execution process, I probably would have told you it wasn’t a good idea—too many variables and too many opportunities to butt heads—but it’s really been a tremendous experience”tells Chris Bruss, Funny Or Die’s President of Digital.


Cap’n Crunch. Millennials Idol

Cap’n Crunch. Millennials Idol

Cap’n Crunch. Millennials Idol


All things considered, the phrase “tremendous experience” is definetely about Cap’n Crunch branding campaign. While many companies take a dim view of millennials and doubt in choosing the approach, this cereal brand considers them as a target audience and, therefore, markets them directly.

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