One of the pioneers in the merging cannabis marketing is Redefining Cannabis creative agency. Founded by two offbeat ladies, bright-orange-haired Twyla Monti and blue-haired Sari Gabbay, it helps new cannabis businesses to build profitable market entities.


Unconventional agency

When it comes to alcohol or drugs, advertisement becomes complicated. There are numerous specialty agencies, but a cannabis creative agency is a novelty. The point is that in 2014 the enactment of New York’s Compassionate Care Act legalized pot for some medical uses.  Sure enough companies responded by encouraging curious nonusers to try their product first. The Proposition 64 added fuel to the flame by legalizing marijuana for recreational usefor adults over the age of 21 in California. Though it will go into effect only on Jan. 1, 2018, Los Angeles–based cannabis companies plan how to target the audience and survive the growing competition.

Cannabis. Redefining Cannabis. Twyla Monti & Sari Gabbay

Cannabis. Redefining Cannabis. Twyla Monti & Sari Gabbay

Moreover, as the sector develops, the expectations are growing and the audience is changing. More and more companies bother about the representation of cannabis culture and perception of in society at large. A more global mission comes into effect. One of the pioneers in the merging cannabis marketing is Redefining Cannabis creative agency. Founded by two offbeat ladies, bright-orange-haired Twyla Monti and blue-haired Sari Gabbay, it helps new cannabis businesses to build profitable market entities. Initially owning U2R1 Media for lifestyle brands, two friends organically turned up in the sphere led by their passion about the new legalization. “It’s our goal to redefine cannabis through our clients,” Gabbay said. “We work with companies in this industry who want to educate the public about the truth behind this plant and how it can help you.”


And unconventional methods

Cannabis. Redefining Cannabis. Twyla Monti & Sari Gabbay
The main challenge for now is to educate people. If previously consumers were totally dependable on their budtenders, now there is a demand for knowledge. In 2018, you’re going to be getting people saying, ‘I’ve never really tried weed so I want to understand what the effects are,’” said Monti. “They’re going to want to be able to read a package and say, ‘OK, it’s going to create a relaxed effect or it’s going to create an energetic one or it’s going to heal me in some other ways.’” 

The other reason for this is owners held back by marijuana advertising restrictions. For instance, Facebook and Instagram ban the sale of any federally illegal products. Therefore, usual for marketing social media tools does not work so easily as usual. To circumvent these obstacles cannabis marketing agencies suggest digital solutions and also provide incentive to educate. Knowledge of the intricacies of law is essential in canabis business as Proposition 64 intricates work in the industry. Besides the fact that advertisements can not “encourage” people under 21 for buying and can only be displayed where at least 71.6 percent of the audience is expected to be over 21, there are other questions. What does it mean to “encourage” and how to calculate 71,6%?


First success

Seeing into these regulations and creating literate in terms of law advertisements is an integral part of such agencies as Redefining Cannabis. One of their successful campaigns is for the company To Whom It May which sells organic bonbons and truffles — infused with THC coconut oil — in cherry cayenne, smoked almond butter, hazelnut brandy and hazelnut butter flavors. At first glance, unsophisticated person would  not notice the trick, but there is a clarifying poem attached to each box of chocolate. “We’re really trying to show that you can talk about cannabis and not just have pictures of bud and people getting high,” said Tomer Grassiany, founder of To Whom It May.

Cannabis. Redefining Cannabis. Twyla Monti & Sari GabbayCannabis. Redefining Cannabis. Twyla Monti & Sari GabbayIt seems that for now, getting people talk and know about cannabis culture, as it is growing really fast, is in priority among both producers and marketors. “It’s going to be crazy town,” if  interest expressed thus far in Redefining Cannabis is any indication. “I feel for the producers of these products, because they’ve been so hindered in trying to really talk about what cannabis is capable of,” Monti said. “We want that to happen, and we want to be a part of making that happen.”


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