Declining sales of chocolate snacks from 19% to 9% in 2015 became an effective push for almost forgotten chocolate bars brand Cadbury to start heavily investing in its singles brands such as Crunchie, Twirl and Wispa.


For 24 hours only

In the beginning of 2016 Snapchat shuttered its Lens store in order to pay attention on its sponsored filters ad format. This issue was accepted with several brands such as Pepsi, The Peanuts Movie, KFC and Pandora.

It all started on march 12th when Cadbury Creme Egg became the first UK confectionery brand using the Snapchat ‘Sponsored lenses’ platform. Inspired by the multi-award winning ‘Have a Fling with a Creme Egg’ campaign, Cadbury pushed a special filter which allowed all choco-lovers on Snapchat apply a Cadbury Creme Egg twist for their selfies. Users could create selfies with Cadbury Creme Eggs flying out of their mouth and in the end of animated application it all finishes with explosion of Cadbury Creme Egg «Goo». Available for 24 hours only, these marketing push helped Cadbury to resurrect users zest to it.

Cadbury Snapchat Lens

Cadbury Snapchat Lens

A new company’s long-term campaign «Obey Your Mouth» pushed on May 11th aimed to attract a new target market of youngsters ( who are pluralistically appears to be millennial from Snapchat era) to its five singles bars: Wispa, Crunchie, Boost, Double Decker and Twirl.

According to The Drump, some marketers consider Snapchat to be the platform for companies with a «brand on brand» foundation. And do not forget about it’s 100 million users. More than a half of active Snapchat’s users are at the age from 16 to 24, and almost 40% users on the platform are UK teens.

In order to catch new younger auditory Cadbury has already spent a half of Crunchie’s digital budget using a Gen Z platform which the society is just beginning to understand. And despite Cadbury hasn’t confirm the total, it’s easy to count that the cost is a seven-digit number.


Snapchat broadens the horizons

Location-driven interface is what makes the platform so appealing. And if you are interested in broadcasting on national scale geofilters and lenses are number-one tools which make branded content visual for everyone not just at the certain place and at the certain time. Impressive results showed Coca Cola’s Christmas campaign, using UK-wide geofilters it managed to target over 70 million views.

Barbora Hrdlickova, a Cadbury brand manager, decided to create three jocular lenses for the campaign to attract as many viewers as possible. These were released to Snapchaters during three spring Friday’s with a bar’s tagline “Get That Friday Feeling”. As a result lenses got almost the very planed numbers. They hoped to get 10 million and the first lens which transformed a face into a huge golden disco-ball in total got 9 million of views. However, the national reach has never been cheap and it at least could cost the chocolate brand $700,000.

The company was looking forward to collaborate with Gen Z and ignoring the risk of scaring users away it decided to incorporate not just the logo or tagline but the product itself.

Another funny feature gives users a pair of big golden lips when they open their mouth and there is a disco breaks all around. You may ask why all of these features are so simple and pointless. The thing is all good ideas should be clear to everyone without any explanation. Do not forget that Snapchat in total is used by the young audience just for fun. “It’s all about fun. Kids on this network use it to make each other laugh. The most frequently sent type of content is funny,” admits Sam Shaw, head of Insight at Canvas8.


It’s all about simplicity


So, the more simple your idea is the more audience it will target. As the time of your connection with the audience is limited, what you are presenting must be humorous, new and available for everyone.

There is one more fraction which requires simple ideas – time. The creative process is not a matter of one hour. The fist generating-step of Cadbury took a bard two month or so, meanwhile Snapchat’s engineering part took almost three weeks, and here we are speaking about in-house production.

At the same time while we agitate everyone to make it simple, it may seem strange that Cadbury still pays the price when there is a low-budget approach. On the one hand, it’s easier to start a user account and organically bill up a following by sharing a snapcode with other company’s social channels. Moreover, there are such brands as ASOS which are getting well with such way. However, on the other hand that is not for everyone. According to Barbora Hrdlickova, for the brand as Cadbury it is just a matter of time, stuff and huge investment.

That’s why Cadbury rejected the idea with starting its user account and turned it face to new campaigns for its singles brands on Snapchat which are being expected in the nearest future.

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