Guess all of you remember that bizarre video made by BuzzFeed with two its employees trying to explode a watermelon. Actually, they managed to explode not only a watermelon, but, for example, Facebook as well. You had no idea why these crazy people were doing it, but you couldn’t stop watching it. Not so long ago, comedian Chelsea Handler on her late night show stuck her face in a plate of spaghetti. Handler’s aim was not only to freak everybody out, but to make them do the same, and for a very serious purpose. Handle was encouraged by a social organization Global Citizens to demand from support from the Italian prime minister, and many users all over the world were encouraged to tweet the same message. So, this video resembles BuzzFeed’s exploding watermelon, but it has the very different passage.


Global Citizens and millennials

Global Citizen. Chelsea Handler

Global Citizens is an uniq brand, and its only product is activism. The foundation entices young creative thinkers and ambitious marketers to attract politicians’ attention to global problems. Unlike many other social organization, Global Citizens doesn’t raise money or feed the poor ones. Its main aim is to mobilize people and put pressure on governments and big corporations, according to Richard Wolffe, Global Citizen’s chief digital and marketing officer. The great number of organization’s members are millennials, whom the creators manages to engage owing to a wise strategy.

Global Citizens is introduces to young people as an entertaining organization with serious purposes. In 2012 was launched Global Citizens Festival and every year it’s a place to see celebrities and popular politicians. The passes are free. Global Citizens doesn’t need your cash, it needs your activism. To attend the concert, you need have to complete 5 easy tasks concerning global issues. The creators admit that such a way is very effective with millennials. You do something – you’re rewarded. “Millennials want companies to share their values. It’s about having a sense of purpose,” says Wolffe.


Global Citizens’ strategy

Though Global Citizens is a nonprofit foundation, it has a strategy similar to ones that use digital media companies. Actually, it functions like a real digital stratup. The example with these two videos proves it. Wolffe admits that providing such content helps to build a movement. He also revealed that the foundation invest a lot in viral videos, like this one with Chelsea Handler. Wolffe says that the organization tries to base on BuzzFeed’s experience in media.

“My biggest insights on social content come from BuzzFeed’s social media team”, says he. With the help of creating viral videos which end with a call to action, Global Citizens proved that a nonprofit organization can build a connection between social media participation and political actions. Even Forbes reported on success of Global Citizens’ strategy: “a swarm of tweets so overwhelming that it clogged up the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs’ account, rendering her unable to tweet back that she will meet the demands to improve sanitation in the country.”


Global Citizen. Chelsea Handler. Empowering Women


What’s also interesting, is that the Global Citizens’s homepage functions like a news site. Many talented photographers and writers were engage to provide a quality media content each morning. Wolffe says that the line between a traditional journalism and social content is disappearing and turns into important content about global issues, like women’s rights, education and so on. Such strategy is instrumental in turning viewers and readers into followers. “Each conversion is more meaningful. If we think about the policy piece to this, we track very closely the number of actions taken and the number of action-takers,” believes Wolffe.

While for many digital companies a key metric is revenue, for Global Citizens it’s a social activism. And though the tools are equal, the purpose and results are different.

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