People often dreams about their future, especially women. They imagine happiness and enjoyment, big family and amazing career. Sometimes people are wrong and something unpleasant waits for them. For instance, breast cancer. However, these 8 women have found a way to overcome the illness and they are ready to share their experience.

Christina Applegate

The actress was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 36. However, Christina was involved into mammograms routine since she was 30, because her mother had the same diagnose. In 2008 Christina’s doctor suggested her to do an Magnetic Resonance Imaging because of the density of her breast tissue. The actress found out that she has the breast cancer gene and she has yo do something with it.

So, she decided to minimize the chances of the cancer: “It can be very painful. It’s also a part of you that’s gone, so you go through a grieving process and a mourning process,”- Christina said. The actress decided to share the experience and appeared on the Stand Up to Cancer telethon, which raises money for breast cancer education and research.

After it Christina shared her plans to found a company, which will help women in risk to overcome it. Now Christina is a happy mother and wife. The illness helped her to appreciate ordinary things in life.

Cynthia Nixon


Emmy, Tony and Grammy award-winning actress Cynthia Nixon is most famous because of her role as Miranda Hobbes in the TV series “Sex in the City.” However, the actress is also a breast cancer survivor and activist.

In 2015, her mother died because of the disease. To share her feelings the actress decided to play the role of a cancer survivor in the movie “James White” only months after her mother’s death. Breast cancer was also diagnosed with the illness. She has been a speaker for the Susan G. Komen Foundation since 2009. One of Nixon’s main reasons for becoming an activist was because she felt like she had a “really concrete” and “very useful” story to tell.

Maura Tierney


When Tierney was diagnosed in 2009, she had been hired to star in the NBC ensemble drama “Parenthood”, and her bosses on the show suspended production so she could pursue treatment.

She has pointedly referred to feeling grateful for the support of her employers, her ability to stop working to focus on treatment, and her access to top-drawer health care. When further testing revealed the need for a more extensive treatment plan, she stepped away from the show to focus on her health. Tierney said last spring that she was so absorbed by her recovery that she hadn’t yet been able to figure out a game plan for making her experience meaningful to others.


As Reese Witherspoon, Fergie regularly participates at the Avon Walk. Her first experience refers to 2011. Fergie supported more than 2,000 women and men from 39 states, including 271 breast cancer survivors. The participants were completing their second day of a weekend-long, 39.3 mile journey throughout scenic Santa Barbara. Fergie then joined the Walk participants’ family, friends and supporters at the inspirational closing ceremony at Carpentaria State Beach to announce a total of more than $3 million in initial grants awarded to nine breast cancer organizations in Southern California, ensuring the funds raised immediately benefit the community. More grants are slated to be awarded throughout the year to breast cancer programs nationwide.

“This is my second time at an Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and I continue to be amazed by the participants’ dedication, spirit and passion to fundraise like crazy and walk 39 long miles together to fight breast cancer,” – the singer said. “We’ve all been touched by cancer in some way, including me. Both of my parents are cancer survivors and I’ve lost my grandmother and uncle to cancer. Thank you Avon Walkers for every step you take to help end this horrible disease.”

Kylie Minogue

The singer was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was just 37. After more than 10 years Kylie decided to share her experience and create a video, where she shares all her feelings and emotions. Because of the illness the singer has learned many lessons: “Someone had said to me at the time, “You need to be a little bit selfish”. It’s not in my nature to be selfish but now is the time to do that let people take care of you. And…that’s what I did.”

One of the happiest moment was when she understood she is clear: “It is years until you really get the all clear and by the time my hair started growing back it was very exciting, it was like a miracle.”

Betsey Johnson

To raise awareness and earn money for non-profit organizations Betsey Johnson has created different types of cute wares during Breast Cancer Awareness month.
A breast cancer survivor herself, the designer wanted to contribute to cancer charities through her design work as soon as she beat the disease. “All I wanted to do was talk about it,” – she says. “[But] I was too scared to talk about it until I was clear of radiation.” Now cancer-free, she’s happy to build her line of BCA items and donate the proceeds to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.

Reese Witherspoon

“Every three minutes a woman is diagnosed, and that’s just unacceptable,” – Reese Witherspoon says. With this motto the actress joined the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in New York City, which has helped to raise more than $8.4 million for breast cancer research and care.

Witherspoon has been the foundation’s global ambassador for the past five years, and she says the experience alone has been an education: “When I was first approached by Avon to represent their foundation, I wanted to know, what were the issues on women’s minds? Breast cancer is first and foremost on the list of concerns for women. Domestic violence is also in the top three. It was really an education for me to see that these are the issues affecting women every day of their lives.”

The idea that Reese shares is rather simple. If breast cancer is early detected, you have a great chance to survive. What is more, Witherspoon said that one of the key ways that she maintains a healthy lifestyle is by visiting her doctor on a regular basis, and she urges all women to do the same.

Nancy Brinker

The journey of the activists started from her sister’s death. Susan died from the breast cancer when she was only 36. That day Nancy promised herself to do everything possible to prevent other people with the same diagnose from the pain and fear caused by the breast cancer. Shortly after Susan’s death, Nancy Brinker founded the organization Susan G.Komen, which is focused on talking about cancer openly.

In some way, Brinker broke the silence around the disease. Now Susan G.Komen is one of the largest networks of breast cancer survivors and activists. The investment in the network has reached $2.6 billion. Additionally, the company uses non-traditional approach and always tries to find new ways to raise awareness about breast cancer. For instance, in 1983 they launched Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure series. Nancy Brinker also pioneered cause-related marketing, allowing millions to participate in the fight against breast cancer through businesses that share Komen’s commitment to end the disease forever.

Brinker’s diligence wasn’t unnoticed. In 2009, President Barack Obama honored her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, for this work.

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