55% of US population watch videos every day. However, when it comes to video creation there is a legit question: who makes all those videos? Well, apparently brands now have shifted to the production studios bypassing big agencies and here’s why.


What’s the point?

What would you do if you urgently needed to create the video for your product? There is no one correct answer now, as the industry has stepped forward offering new ways of doing so. Let’s have a look why it may be a good idea to avoid agencies and look closely at small creative companies.

We have already written about big consultancies that become creative in order to please their clients (for example the case of Accenture). However, that’s another question. There is a tendency nowadays to avoid agencies whatsoever and turn to the motherland of creativity – small production shops. When someone may doubt about the limited resources and competency, think twice.

Firstly, it is quite convenient to do all the creative work in one place. If for example, a firm has suggested itself as a great video content production, why not to come straight to it. Moreover, it will surely cost you less effort (and probably money) to work without any intermediaries. This approach was successfully employed by 1stAveMachine who have developed into a legit creative company offering first-hand solutions. Focusing on the production only they target those who want a quality video content. It is especially profitable as, for example, video is going to take 44% of all money spent on marketing. It is also worth mentioning that 72% of media planners are going to move to the digital platforms to host video content.


Video Content Market Share. Nearly 75% of all traffic in 2017 will be video


Clients love the idea of dealing directly with the designers of future product and finding out possible pitfalls not familiar to agencies Moreover, returning to the example of 1stAveMachine and its video production service, it is indeed a good idea to use their experience in case of ad urge. As 80% of millennials make a purchasing decision after watching a video, dealing directly with video production shop is a way of overcoming a lot of agency beurocracy and vague ideas. Clearly, an agency now is also providing all sorts of service including the on spot production, but there is a “but” here (or secondly, if you wish).

Referring to such small creative shops, one will most surely receive personalized service. As such firms do not normally have a huge spread and multiple branches, the expertise is not scattered all over the country. Thus, one may be sure to receive excellent service from industry professionals with quick implementation layout. For the production studios, it can also be beneficial. As the clients refer to the firm directly, the studios can receive the feedback almost immediately without agency filters and deformation.


What’s next?

Of course, no one is telling you that the agencies are dead. It may simply never happen as this approach is mainly the question of taste. One may prefer either boutique or corporate service and can hardly be judged for it. However, the tendency is fascinating. It seems like business is struggling to find new creativity and thus employ all the possible solutions to the problem.

Also, the fact of agencies’ more thorough research cannot be underestimated. Being better prepared they are ready to tell you, for instance, that your business should target that 41 % of millennials of age 14-25 who prefer watching the videos on mobile devices (or on the contrary refer you to your real 60+ audience 90% of which watch only the TV). The research task is the one that can be missed in the production places. Thus, one should clearly weigh what they need: creativity or solid insight into the industry. It all starts with knowing your brand, anyway.

Anyhow, everything we tend to write about recently is a question of time. One will never understand the logic of consumer, producers and creative to identify them completely. It is not going to be the choice between black and white; that’s for sure. As the observers, the only thing we can do is to consume advertising, no matter where it was created.

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