Led by pop singer Lady Gaga and her mother Cynthia Germanotta, Born This Way Foundation was founded in 2012. The goal of the foundation is to create a kinder and braver world. The background of the Fund is deeply connected with the career of Lady Gaga. Precisely, the idea of setting up a foundation came out from the dark side of fame. During a long-term emotional breakdown, Gaga faced the apathy and misunderstanding to her state by people around. It may seem wrong when we talk about wide-known person, who has each step being watched by millions of people. Then what about young people, who are the most fragile victims of modern world and often can’t find the understanding even in their own family?

Modern life is an eternal rush, where we usually don’t have much time for non-material things. Busy people can’t sleep over with their thoughts, but to sleep at all.  From the other side, some of these people drown in their work so hard that don’t have a minute to talk with relatives or friends, when they need it the most. Such practice obviously leads to some mental problems and the most victim of the situation are young people.

“At Born This Way Foundation, we believe in telling your story – good or bad, challenging or triumphant.”

At the Born This Way foundation they use the latest research to identify ways to enhance the mental wellness of young people. The space of the found is free to hear new stories, and it’s a useful practice for both sides. There is a special page on the website so you don’t need to seek for someone when you want to be heard or useful. Even if it can be hard, founders believe that this practice can also be a gateway to healing. 

Moreover, this way the Found creates a community which makes a great space for those who thought they were alone. The community has been started with personal letter by Lady Gaga, which faced a tremendous response. In the letter, openly published on the website of the Born This Way foundation, she tells her story of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Not a surprise, while Lady Gaga is very active Twitter user and she’s very close to her fans. So anyone who wants to join the community of kindness can follow her and other projects’ accounts to keep in touch. Besides the twitter, there is Born Brave Blog, where the Found posts information of latest actions and different activities to explain why kindness, compassion, and affirmation are urgent.

Mental Wellness Project

Mental Wellness is a project of Born This Way Foundation which fights mental illness shaming. While misunderstanding usually comes out of unawareness, then one of the goals of the Found is to informs people of mental Illnesses.  Every page is provided with the link to hotlines of suicide prevention services and always remind to seek professional help, when you or your friends need it. Moreover, the source is the First Aid itself. Born This Way Foundation, in partnership with the National Council for Behavioral Health and National Association of School Psychologists, has created a list of resources for young people based on the issues that they’ve told them impact their daily lives most. So there is a list of Self-Care tips, which can help and encourage young people to change their life for better and help their friends and family to fix the unawareness.

“There is so much hope for recovery. Finding support is key.”

Advisory Boards

Young people are key to that mission and that’s why they focus on providing youth with genuine opportunities, quality resources, and platforms to make their voices heard. While the loud voices are not enough for big deals, the Foundation has two strong supports of Advisory Boards. The first one is Research Advisory Board. It’s a group of leading experts in youth wellness and mental health. They learn social and emotional bullying and guide the Foundation’s research-related initiatives. This Advisory Board ensure the initiatives are grounded in the latest scientific evidence. Another is the Youth Advisory Board, which is a diverse group of youth leaders from around the country. These young people advise the Foundation on issues they face today.

Channel Kindness Tour

This year Born This Way foundation and Joanne World Tour goes along around the US and beyond. Through pop up activations, youth led-events, and community gatherings they are going to create opportunities to be kind and brave. For example, in partnering with National Council they will be training people in Mental Health First Aid, which will hopefully become a usual practice in the nearest future. Moreover, the tour is an opportunity to learn more about the Foundation’s work and hear from an amazing local nonprofit. When people can’t hit the road along the tour, they still can follow the journey and Channel Kindness on social media, such as FacebookTwitter or Instagram, to stay tuned and inspired.

the Born This Way Foundation’s “Born Brave Bus” on January 21, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by David Livingston)

Channel Kindness Awards

On Joanne World Tour in 8 different cities Channel Kindness together with Peace First will give an opportunity to young people who are improving their schools and bettering their school communities. Peace First views young people as natural problem solvers and creative thinkers, and invests in their ability to see themselves as leaders. Thus, they will pick 8 winners who will each receive help from Born This Way Foundation and Peace First and a $500 prize. The purpose is to highlight an amazing work of people, who are using generosity and compassion to power positive change. These awards will recognise young people for their incredible work to make this world a kinder, braver place.

“Born This Foundation has declared 2017 our Year of Kindness because kindness is foundational to everything we do.”

Kind For 30 Challenge

While not everyone will be able to make it to a Channel Kindness Tour stop, founders launched a challenge called #KindFor30. They’ve come up with 30 suggested activities such as giving a hug or buying a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line. No matter the place and time, they invite people to put kindness on their calendars. Such easy actions can inspire people to share kindness with family, friends, neighbours, and themselves. As the organisation defines kindness, it’s “an act in service to someone else, without the expectation of anything in return.” Thus, people just should follow really easy and fun tasks each day, so they can help to create a better environment in our society. Also, anyone can join a community using a hashtag #KindFor30 and watch after others progress in the challenge.

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