Art considered to be one of the most expensive and inaccessible areas of human life. The Billboard Art Show annually proves the opposite, promoting the work of artists to the masses. Just imagen artwork displayed for an entire city.



Billboard Art Show based in Los Angeles is largest one yet, trying to raise awareness of Skid Row residents. This year it will be held December 1-9 and it will last until the end of the month. This is TBC’s third such art show, posting works chosen from a curated, blind-submission process on unused and remnant billboards. This month, 45 billboards, on which images created by artists from 7 countries, will decorate the lively areas of Los Angeles and will become a kind of united interactive gallery.

The Billboard Creative. Bilboard Art Show

The Billboard Creative (TBC) is a non-profit organization the purpose of which is to bring together contemporary art and society. TBC hopes to broaden the reach of public art, especially for those whom traditional art exhibitions have proven inaccessible. So, a key point that organizers put into it is to make contemporary art more democratic.

The show was organized by founder Adam Santelli, curator Mona Kuhn, veteran artists Paul McCarthy and Alex Prager. A full list of participating artists you can find here.

The Billboard Creative. Bilboard Art Show

The Billboard Creative. Bilboard Art Show


If the previous show was directed just to explore with rising artists, this time the project is more social in nature.

“The injection of artistic speech into the urban environment offers an occasion for commuters to pause and contemplate,” says show curator Mona Kuhn. “We hope to facilitate a cultural exchange, connecting artists with large audiences and bringing art to many people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to see it.”

This year TBC has collaborated with The People Concern for a billboard created by artists living on Skid Row. The billboard was provided by Clear Channel. The Billboard Creative’s goal was to bring public art to Skid Row and make a larger platform for an artist from that community. Moreover, awareness to the homeless in society is one of the main messages on the Show.

The Billboard Creative. Bilboard Art Show

However, to find all the works of artists in the city is becoming a problem. For this a free TBC mobile app launches concurrently in the iPhone App Store providing a map of the show’s billboard locations, digital art section, blog highlighting under-the-radar art events, and soundtrack.

Impact on unpopular segments of the population is one of the ways to enhance and attract the audience. The social message generate the habit to consume art, thereby increasing the number of potential consumers. What is more, loyalty also formed with the rest of the population, which perforce perceive images.

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