Philology and Art are probably the most controversial education programs to choose not only in the United States but Worldwide. But the most dangerous of those two is Art because it usually requires not only time sources but also financial ones. The tuition fee has in many cases left students worse off after graduating. But what if we tell you that there is an Art school you don’t have to pay? 

New York’s Only Free Art School

In 2009 a tuition-free, artist-run school called the Bruce High Quality Foundation University (BHQFU) has been started. With student debt on the rise and art education consistently being defunded, the mission of the school is creating accessible and sustainable spaces where artists can learn from one another and grow in their work. BHQFU is an only New York’s free art school. You can check their spring courses right now.


Why is BHQFU Really Cool?

We believe that free arts education should be a right, not a privilege, – the motto of the school sounds like a miracle. We’ve used to the fact that free art classes exist, but they rather propose a leisure level for housewives and do not go further than “how to copy a landscape picture”. Ok, let’s imagine a nugget, who doesn’t really need any school. There is such a little chance for him to break into artistic world and start to earn money because nothing works without the market – collectors, dealers, curators, and academic professionals.

That’s shocking, but Bruce High Quality Foundation University deals with both problems of free art education. Despite they do not propose a Bachelor degree in Arts, a student can still get everything he needs: high-quality courses and promotion. The students participate in exhibitions and events of Foundation University Gallery (FUG) and even have a chance to showcase an individual project.

How Does It Work?

The answer is very simple: It’s fundraising. The School doesn’t get money from just one person. They are constantly working on it to keep the doors open. A current Kickstarter Campaign is one of the many forms of fundraising they are doing.Over the next six months, hundreds of artists in our community will use this portable etching press to create original copper plate prints.The press will anchor a new printmaking studio program, which will provide the students with the skills, tools, and equipment to create original works of art for years to come. Every donator, on his or her part, will receive a print. The school also often do benefit auctions to fund the courses from the one side and to promote the students from the other.

Who Study in BHQFU?

Unlike other Art, Schools BHQFU has a mix of students with different backgrounds. About 20 percent seem to have a terminal degree in fine arts, and maybe about half have an undergraduate degree in the liberal arts, whether that’s writing or studio art or something like that. And then probably another half are just people who are self-taught. Some people will have the “International Art English” vernacular or they’ll have read Deleuze, and they’ll come in with this particular tool kit and can talk circles around everyone else. Then there’s somebody else who’s never read those kinds of things. And what ends up happening is that the person who’s brand new to these ideas is very quickly brought into the fold by the rigor of the conversation, and it elevates the way they can articulate themselves, – the director of the school Sean J Patrick Carney tells the Artspace Magazine.

Over 7,000 miles away, in Zambia, there’s another school that shares this mission. Completed in January 2015 by the 14+ Foundation, the Chipakata Children’s Academy provides tuition-free, arts-based learning to over 200 students, ranging in age from preschool to the 7th grade.


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