BETA_0<3 is an art project that aimed to show the reality in a way it really is. Formed by three artists, it’s in constant state of learning and development.


Art of digitality

BETA_0<3 is a child of new media creativity and free spiritually connected ladies. It was formed two years ago in New York, and since that time the collective was pretty productive – on their web page and YouTube channel you can find video productions made in various styles. They use their bodies as mediums for the art, which immediately reminds me of Marina Abramovic. Could it be a new form of performance? I’m sure that we find out soon.

As for now, BETA_0<3’s short film normalizing death, which documents group’s unusual visit to the cemetery, looks like quite a statement and piece of provocative performance art. Also, as probably everyone who ever worked with naked body, they explore borders of sexualization with their art – and as a modern collective, they are more interested in digital world. In digital world that changes and connects us – BETA_0<3 shows it in Declaración de intenciones video.

BETA_0<3: Art Of Digital Exploration And Understanding BETA_0<3: Art Of Digital Exploration And Understanding BETA_0<3: Art Of Digital Exploration And Understanding

The symbolism

The name that collective chose unmistakably associates with something that comes from virtual reality, and if you wonder that it really means, here’s the answer. “BETA_0<3 is something that happened naturally and energetically. We don’t believe in coincidences. Our three souls coincided at the right place and the right time. We are three girls and three is an important number within this project. We believe in the power of three. Three represents the material, the intellect and the spirit. The icon “<3” is Beta_0<3’s symbol since it contains the number three and a triangle. It also creates a lying down heart. We are three women creating a triangle in search for a sense of connected consciousness and love. It is also a very popular pop culture icon in internet iconography.

Between the three of us we form a triangle, the geometric figure that symbolizes the portal of other dimensions. The bermuda triangle/pyramids/trinity etc.The 0 is the “cosmic egg”. The beginning and end, since from nothing comes everything. The concept “Beta” is very frequent in the IT world. It is used to name the first version of a software program. “Beta” is the name of the trial versions of a project; we chose it since for us BETA_0<3 is a live experiment in constant development and construction. In statistics it denominates the figure of continuous probability,” artists share hidden symbolism in their recent interview.



Three ladies behind BETA_0<3 are Daniela Blume (nicknamed #167 inside the project) who is sexologist and radio host, actress Maria Forque (known as #551) and musician Sophie Sugarplum (#SoSo). Their works are about “a state of mind where we try to understand the world as it really is, infinite, with no limits, where everything is possible”, and BETA_0<3 perceive them as an endless experiment, because the process itself is beautiful, too. In state of  constant development their final goal remains unknown, but one of them is to see reality as it is. And while #167, #551 and #SoSo try to do that (and hopefully show it to us, viewers) BETA_0<3 changes their lives. “The three of us have managed to create an intense environment of constant challenge, thinking, creating, meditating, and empathizing. It has taught us how to exist and think communally. It’s not only been an artistic developer but a life change. Discovering how perception, energy, and numbers are what really matter.”

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