Digital technology definitely affect the development of all spheres of human life today. For example, the high-fashion world has already merged with digit for the current trend. It became especially evident when Vogue and the CFDA decided to launch new online documentary series behind the Fashion Fund. It seems that fashion is becoming more accessible and democratic.


What Is The Fashion Fund?

For those who are not aware about The Fashion Fund. The program began its work in 2003 as an annual competition. The overriding objective is to help budding designers develop their labels in every aspect, from marketing to sales. Competition involves ten designers who are judged by ten industry leaders, including Vogue editor Anna Wintour and fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. The CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund has a monetary prize: $400,000 for the winner and $150,000 to the two runners-up in 2015. Among previous winners there are such designers as Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang, Altuzarra, The Elder Statesman, and Thom Browne, Tabitha Simmons and Eva Fehren. Today it is online series, which went live Friday on and the CFDA’s website. All videos under ten minutes long and follow the entire five-month competition. Conde Nast Entertainment and video production company Mustache is engaged in producing.

The Fashion Fund. Vogue & CFDA. New Web Series


What Is The News?

With the development of Digital industry fashion world is increasingly turning to social virtual reality to engage and entertain the audience. The Fashion Fund’s idea to film the entire competition is not the first attempt to show the fashion behind the scenes. The competition has been documented before, but under the TV format. But the idea of making a series for a digital audience came to creators’ mind quite recently. «We felt a fast-paced, short delivery was the best way to capture our audience watching,» – said Steven Kolb, on of the judges and CFDA CEO, – «we imagine people will be watching it on their ipads, iphones, and other devices, and may be sneaking it in [while at] their offices, on their computers».

From the very first episode, the viewer can feel himself as a part of the event. Vogue’s accessories director Selby Drummond playfully introduces the series in Vogue’s entryway and walks the viewer through the magazine’s offices to a boardroom with judges. While the judges decide who among the participants will get in the top ten, viewers still watching them, as if in the same room. «We encouraged everyone involved to acknowledge our presence [in order] to give the viewer a more immersive experience,» – said CNE executive producer Nickolas James.

The Fashion Fund. Vogue & CFDA. New Web Series


The next episode represents the competition participants. Subsequent parts are concentrated on tests for competitors. The designers have to pass the Intel challenge, where they offered to design clothing or shoes that connect with phones and the internet; and an Instagram design challenge, where they have to create an image inspired by a movie that resonates with their brand. The final episode covers the announcement of the winner.


General Conclusions

The Fashion Fund. Vogue & CFDA. New Web Series

What this step in the direction of digits may mean for the world of fashion and the consumer in general? The decision to go digital-first plays into the wider shift of the democratization of fashion. The ability to always be up to date on behind the scenes, attracts the viewer. At the same time it is both challenge and fun for the designer. This boosts his creative process and allows him to keep abreast of online needs.

Online format is different from the TV not only with method of the information transmission. Steven Kolb noticed that television programs are more focused on the drama that unfolds in a fashion competition, rather than the process itself. «It shows Diane von Furstenberg, Anna Wintour and Jenna Lyons having an intimate conversation about the talent in the program, and that’s not something people get to see. We’re opening up the boardroom doors and letting people be a part of that».

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