From an early age Beate Chelette was not dreaming of doll houses or unicorns. She was more concerned about how to start companies and monetize her first poster mail order business, without leaving her bedroom. In truth, nothing has changed since then: the years of experience are enlarging, but her business-oriented mind remains unaltered.

Beate Chelette is a respected speaker, career coach, author, and consummate entrepreneur, passionate about sharing her business-building strategies with female community in order to help them succeed through online courses, one-on-one training programs and live speaking events. According to Huffington Post, Chelette is «One of 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017».

From ELLE To Corbis

Chelette’s promising career started quickly after earning a photography degree at Institute of Photo Design in Munich, Germany. She became the photo editor for a trendy start-up magazine, later moved over to ELLE Magazine, where she set up all photo support systems, produced shoots, photo research, handled negotiations, and all other aspects of day–to-day duties of photo editors. Anyway, she didn’t want to stop on this point. Her zeal for adventure led her to the U.S. in 1989, where she managed to fulfil her dream of working as a sought-after photographer representative and photography producer. Her clients included Wrangler, Levis, Homeboy, BMW, and Mercedes Benz.

After the events of 9/11, her business was wiped out, and Chelette was left with a $13,000 debt, being a single mother, with nothing, but a brilliant idea. With the help of her strong business plan and a personal letter to the President of the U.S. (George W. Bush at that time), saying «I did everything right, tried to live the American Dream, and it blew up in my face. I need help now and I’m giving you a real-life opportunity to prove that you believe small businesses are the backbone of this country», she received a low interest loan to pay off her $13,000 debt and became connected with the Small Business Administration office in Los Angeles and its Deputy Chief Director, Lorenzo Flores.

She set out to create BeateWorks, a stock photography syndication company specializing in interior, architecture, and celebrity home stories. Afterwards BeateWorks became self-liquidated within months. In 13 years, before the company was bought by Corbis, a worldwide leader in image licensing owned by Bill Gates, Chelette managed seven employees and three high-end image collections, built and oversaw 79 global distribution contracts. Her clients included Home Depot, Coldwell Banker, Macy’s, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and more.

After purchasing BeateWorks, Corbis hired Chelette as the Senior Director of Entertainment Photography at their signature celebrity brand, Outline, which operated as its own entity with 24 offices in 18 countries. There she merged various entertainment teams to form one division and aligned it with the overall company strategy, reduced head count by 20% and costs by 50% without loss of revenue, managed artist relations and contract negotiations and collaborated closely with marketing, sales, legal, and corporate communications.

Nevertheless, Chelette was true to herself.  She admitted that «I had experiences at large corporate publishing companies in Germany and at Corbis where I realized I wasn’t made for that. For me it was all about being creative and progressive, not about holding on to a position and title. That didn’t interest me at all. So I left in 2008», after 2 years of work. Almost without a break, she started a new business – Chelette Enterprises, Inc., under which she owns and operates the brands The Growth Architect and The Women’s Code.

Engagement Under Chelette Enterprises, Inc.

At the moment The Growth Architect educates creative professionals about the business behind the art. It offers creative entrepreneurs hands-on training through coaching and live and online events, where Chelette holds lections how to establish businesses and make them profitable. Each month the audience of CreativeLive community reaches over 50,000 people.

«The Growth Architecture Program is NOT for fledging entrepreneurs, “work at home” moms with a hobby, or non-funded early stage start-ups – it’s for women who have built a solid foundation with their business and want to keep growing it exponentially. It’s for women who are stuck in the tenuous zone of being adequately successful but who really want to scale and profitably set up their company for acquisition, cash out, or at the very least become a formidable authority in their industry», – she says about her program in LinkedIn.

Pointing that «most business owners don’t understand that there is a specific sequence to building and scaling a business», Chelette thinks that if you do not follow the 5 Star Success Blueprint sequence of steps, your business simply can’t grow. «If you feel that you have been treading water, been stuck, can’t figure the next step out by yourself perhaps it is time to admit to yourself that you can’t see what is in your blindspot. We got to this point with what we know how to do. If we want to grow further we have to expand our knowledge and acquire new skill sets. Only new knowledge and new actions will create new and better results», – she believes. Now two courses are available, one is dedicated to identifying your customers, the second is about incorporating your talents into a business model with business plan, a vision and a clear mission statement.

Another passion of hers is The Women’s Code, a unique guide to effective leadership and success in women’s career and personal life.This revolutionary system is aimed «to help women cope, collaborate and lead in their careers and personal lives». With the help of it Chelette addresses women’s obstacles on rocky road tending to scale a big business.

When she was working at Corbis, Chelette figured out that there was little information for women in leadership positions available, and that became the reason why she was determined to create such a detailed guide, a so-called «roadmap for women». In the video below Chelette, as a guest at Business Rockstars, is describing the motives, she was animated by when she was creating «Happy Woman, Happy World: How to Go From Overwhelmed to Awesome», which goes by The Women’s Code brand.

Chelette considers the book’s demographic to be a wide one: «the book is written for two types of women: a woman in her 30s that who is crazy busy trying to make her relationship work, raise her kids, and has the dream of having it all work. The second are women in their 40s who have older kids who realize they’ve reached an age where it’s now or never or have had a career which is now at a stalemate. Or women who realize they’ve reached an age where it’s now or never».

The philosophy of the book is based on the concept of ego-RHYTHM®, which Chelette devised initially for her own peace of mind. As our life is a very predictable pattern, it can be described as a change of 3-4 years-long seasons, like a natural rhythm, which can be and should be controlled by a women in order to be successful and balanced. «What makes Happy Woman, Happy World and The Women’s Code different is that it speaks to the whole person. I didn’t want to slice and dice and cramp a woman’s needs into one all-important category or aspect of her life. This is about taking all of a woman’s needs and making them work together», – the author believes.

Outside Of Working Hours

Chelette doesn’t live by work alone. She is happily plays as hard as she works, that can be seen in her Instagram account. She loves skiing, hiking, painting, sipping fine wine, and leaving her computer at home for the weekend. Especially she enjoys doing it with her already grown-up daughter Jina.

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