Playing tricks on people’s minds, every brand can get what it wants. Bear Brand, creator of powdered milk, found a way to appeal to Filipino adults through the images of well-known favorites and intricate use of social media platforms.


The roots of the problem are…

Bear Brand

Milk products. In Philippines, it became quite challenging to persuade adults to drink powdered milk produced by Bear Brand (owned by Nestle). The problem is not in the milk that is very nutrient and essential to human health, but in the idea of getting working class to consume that drink.

Another problem here is, of course, the mentality of people. We all have heard that sometimes what works for one country does not necessarily work for another. Well,  Bear Brand gave it a good shot by carefully creating a marketing campaign that did work very well.


TV Shows can really change our minds, and here’s why

Videos are indeed a very powerful tool in the hands of marketers. But can you imagine how influential TV ads can be to people’s perception of a brand?

According to Adweek, Howard Shimmel, chief research officer at Turner Brodcasting, believes that digital media cannot completely surpass TV ads, and TV ads still remain quite efficient in outreaching many segments of population.

Well, Bear Brand handled to implement both TV and digital promotion of the brand. They have partnered with AlDub, a love supercouple that appeared in a variety of Filipino TV shows and earned trust and admiration from their audience. AlDub created an ad that featured Bear Brand product at the end. Moreover, the ad was also injected in the pool of social media platforms, and to be more specific, Twitter.

It is good to mention that in the past AlDub won the heart of many on Twitter. For instance, the hashtag of one of the AlDub’s episodes, #ALDUBMostAwaitedDate, really nailed Twitter engagements and shares. The hashtag refers to one of the dates of the supercouple in the TV show. Within 24 hours, the hashtag hit more than 12 million tweets starting with about 500k tweets in the first hours of the hashtag’s release on the social media.


Twitter rocks and helps the brands

It not necessary to mention the power of Twitter in social media world. Enough to mention that the platform has more than 300 million users, and in the Philippines it is one of the most popular platforms.

The video produced by AlDub was also released on Twitter along with a variety of posts and hashtags. One of the main hashtags on @BB_AdultPlus was #AldenMaineForAdultPlus that really complemented the TV campaign. Besides hashtags, the keywords such as #aldub and #aldubnation was aimed to reach the audience for the brand.

And we should not be surprised knowing that the results were really outstanding. Videos do bring about good results, and not only on Facebook.


Marvelous results, or why we should care about Twitter engagements

As I said before, the results for the TV plus Twitter campaign did not ask to wait. Eloisa Adoptante, digital manager of Zenith Optimedia that partnered with Bear Brand, said  that this was their first time of using Twitter for the campaign, and promoted tweets that reached many people really prolonged life of the campaign.

Bear Brand Adult Plus got more than 5 million impressions per tweet, and the engagement rate hit about 8%. Finally, the profile received more than 9 million hashtag impressions.

The key to success lies not only in understanding of what people want but how they want it. Promoting brand through images of well-known TV characters and careful implementation of Twitter can help a brand ace their sleeve and enjoy the great outcome.

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