With the rise of technologies and virtual reality platforms, we are getting slightly off normal life by getting an opportunity to enjoy everything via the Internet. But, this is just a beginning, and movie theaters are vigorously fighting for a place in our hearts. Let’s see what stands behind the fight.


TVs versus Movie Theaters

Batman Killing Joke

TVs are a great substitution for movie theaters. Millennials tend to spend about 16 hours a week watching TVs. More can be said about TVs apps like Netflix. Not only Millennials can enjoy a variety of movie projects released for them, but also younger children’s favorite movies are about to be displayed on Netflix.

All of it is great to consider, but why don’t we look at some numbers associated with movie theaters that are still holding aces in their hands. In the US, 35 million people get a status of frequent moviegoers. As for millennials, they tend to see around 6 movies on average every year, and they make up for 31% of loyal movie theater customers.

Since the movie theaters are not extinct yet, why don’t we look at what is going on in the theater industry currently and what people are watching.


The latest hits of movie theaters

At the end of July, Batman: The Killing Joke was finally released in the movie theaters for two nights in a row. As we all remember, the movie took quite long to be featured in the theaters after encountering some unexpected problems in 2009 and 2011.

On the first night, the movie generated around $3 million in over 1000 of movie theaters across the United States. The total gross for two nights reached about $3.8 million. Now, what wants to say that movie theaters suck?

We may have believed that with videos on demand, the future of theater is slightly dissolving in the air, but hell no. Yes, you can access a movie like Batman on VOD, but it doesn’t impact its success and popularity at the box office.


Reasons behind success of Batman: The Killing Joke

Batman Killing Joke

Tom Lucas, Vice President of Studio Relations at Warner Brothers, and John Rubey, Fathom Events’ CEO, state that their expectations regarding the movie’s success have been fulfilled. Rubey believes that the movie got so much engagements due to its scarcity: after those two days, people wouldn’t be able to see it anywhere in the movie theaters.

Rubey also states that nothing can substitute such a great experience as getting together with friends and other people and enjoying the movie.


Future of movie theaters is promising

Inc made some predictions regarding the future of movie theaters. In 2020, we can expect that people will be able to go to the movies with built-in devices that will let them control the content. Even if the lines for tickers will not disappear, it will still be a part of the immersive experience.

Nicholas Gonda, founder of Tugg, states that once a movie is released, people’s frustration on social media is expressed in them being upset that the movie theater is not nearby them. Well, that’s really promising, and it shows how much people still care about going to the movie theaters to get unforgettable experience and emotions.

So, there should be no panic that Netflix or Screening Room can become a substitute for such experience. Gonda states that people of different ages and generations still value real experience over everything else, based on their market research. The best years of movie industry is yet to come, and with the development of digital technologies, we will be able to enrich our movie experiences with more diversity and integration of the elements of technological progress.

Therefore, we can only wait and see how movie theaters are evolving and what bright future of enjoyment they can bring to us. We can wait and see with no fear that TVs, Netflix, or some movie platforms can substitute real experiences at the movie theaters.

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