Do you believe that the world is controlled by secret organizations and aliens already exist on the Earth? Meet Awake Dating: a website where your conspiracy theories might cost you a date.

Nowadays there are a lot of dating sites where everyone can find someone to build a relationship. Awake Dating is that site which broadens the limits of meeting someone online as it caters for people, who are usually called as conspiracy theorists. Although, they prefer to define themselves as “truthers” or the “awake” as it hasn’t that negative connotation around conspiracy theorists in a popular culture. The “awake” is a term which means that “awake” person is awake to the truth such as the imminent collapse of humanity, false flag events, and others interesting theories. The founders of Awake Dating, Aine and Jarrod Fidden, determine an “awake” person as “somebody who is more on an in-depth critical thinker, they question the mainstream narrative”.

           What is the purpose?

The site’s main purpose is to provide people, who have a lot of different beliefs. As truthers say, it is difficult to find someone who won’t run away after hearing from you about your “weird” thoughts, so being a truther is a hard and lonely way of living in our society. Perhaps, the “awake” need love more than it may seem. It could be very exhausting to know all the hidden and secret information about government, UFO and etc, so you need someone who will understand and support your ideas. Awake Dating’s founders position this platform as “the place to meet someone who shares your ‘socially inconvenient’ understandings”. For users of his site there is no judgment and no denying any crazy staff such as beliefs that aliens are truly exist and government just don’t tell us, or that you can find a lot of signs of Illuminati everywhere, even in some music videos of famous celebrities as Jay-Z or Rihanna, and etc. So there are so much different things to discover together with someone who will enjoy it as well as you.


Psychological analysis of the “awake”

Professor Karen Douglas, a social psychologist at the University of Kent who specializes in conspiracy theories, says that fundamental ways of thinking and the way people organize information can explain conspiracy theorizing. She determines the “awake” as “people who feel mistrustful generally; those who are quite politically cynical with lower sself-esteem or those who are narcissistic”.  She adds that the truthers believe that they can fight the feeling of being powerless by means of conspiracy theories as they allow people to regain control and cope with difficulties since the explanation is found. Although, researchers suggest that it doesn’t actually work. Moreover, Douglas insists on that these theories increase destructive feelings and not fight them so it leads to some maladaptive behavioral intentions. The Fidden family doesn’t think so as they believe that truthers just know something which is not obvious for those who they call the “asleep”, so there is no need to look for some ulterior motives of being “awake”.

 The YouTube advertisement of Awake Dating shows that the founders have a good sense of humor about the whole enterprise. It shows the way the “asleep” imagine the “awake” in a funny way, enumerating some popular conspiracies and photos of a couple, wearing tinfoil hats.

There is a dense air of suspicion and contempt around Awake Dating but, what is more important is that this platform helps people find not only supporters, but a person to fell in love with.

            “You can’t sleep on the truth. But you can sleep with someone who can’t sleep on the truth”.

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