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How Young Chinese Feminists Remind Women They Are Not Society’s “Leftovers”

The young Chinese female activists are trying to remind other women that Feminism is about radical change in the society. They do so by overcoming government’s Internet censorship and engaging in peaceful protests.

/ June 26, 2017

How His Holiness Pope Francis Becomes a Young Entrepreneurs’ Role Model

The Laudato Si challenge provides a six-months program mentoring and investing in start-ups that have a potential to tack world's biggest problems. It is based upon The Laudato Si text by His Holiness Pope Francis and inspires people to act together for the public good.

/ June 21, 2017

How I Am That Girl Movement Valorises The Self-Value

I Am That girl helps young girls develop their feeling of self-worth and gives them an opportunity to discuss their issues ranging from physical and mental health to questions of social integration and their place in life.

/ June 19, 2017

Unconditional Basic Income: Utopia or Panacea for Society’s Ills?

Basic income is a highly debated topic nowadays. This policy can become a short-term solution for problems like unemployment. However, its long-term effects can be loss of motivation to work, end of welfare system and crime growth.

/ June 13, 2017