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Diversity Advocates: 7 Most Influential French Feminists To Watch

The French Revolution has first proclaimed liberal and radical ideas and gave birth to multiple feminist theses which became an independent freestanding movement forming up social opinion. Here we offer you a list of the most influential French feminists that contributed a significant mite to achieving...

/ December 26, 2017

#GiveWork: How Leila Janah Fights Global Poverty

Despite a rapid economic and marketing development the world experiences last century, people still have to deal with frightening poverty in some world corners. Leila Janah launched initiative which offers an innovative solution for reducing the world poverty.

/ December 20, 2017

#MeToo: How Chinese Feminists Fight Against Sexual Harassment

In China, people in power still find it difficult to accept that sexual violence is a major problem and the majority continues to claim "inappropriate" behaviour of women who became victims. Public activism and feminist auctions, however, lead a battle for influencing the agenda.

/ December 8, 2017

Susan Fowler: How One Sexual Harassment Story Disarmed Uber’s Upper Management

Susan Fowler, an ex-employee of Uber, exposed problems with sexual harassment at the company. Uber's CEO ordered to pursue an investigation, which led to firings and stiffening of work discipline. This story has rocked the boat seriously and revealed that the company tends to break the...

/ November 13, 2017

Big Brother: How Louis Quail Fights Stigma By Documenting Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder which destroys human life and the life of the whole family. Stigma and discrimination of human rights of such people is a common practice. Louis Quail recently made a series of photographs "Big brother" dedicated to his own brother coping...

/ November 3, 2017

The Brave Song For Freedom: How Aryana Sayeed Became a Female Singer In Islamic Country

Most of us can hardly take on the role of a resident of the less-developed country, full of internal conflicts and instability. Sometimes it seems like nobody will hear the voice crying out in the wilderness. This is a story about Aryana Sayeed whose beautiful voice...

/ October 29, 2017

Nail Transphobia: Free Manicure To Change The World

Statistics says the transgender homicide rate keeps growing in recent years. Charlie Craggs the transgender woman from the UK decided to change the current situation for the good and launched the project "Nail Transphobia".

/ October 29, 2017

8 Female Directors Who Change Our Picture Of The Day

The statistics show that prejudice on women filmmakers proves itself: a number of female film graduates is equal to male but only 5% women work in Hollywood as film directors. These eight women managed to crush the wall and prove others that they deserve admiration.

/ October 12, 2017

My Pure Land: How Girl With A Gun Gives Lesson On Feminism

My Pure Land is a Pakistani feminist Western shooting two teenage girls and their mother fighting off the bandit army for their home defence sake. This based-on-a-true-story film gives one a proper lesson in feminism: how the situation of lawlessness made young girls learn to shoot...

/ October 9, 2017