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Book lover and environmentalist. I do believe that we first must become the change we want to see in the world.

Jessica Grossman

Jessica Grossman: Bringing Depth To Modeling And Crohn’s Disease

Jessica Grossman – “a half-naked girl saving lives”, is an activist using social media to encourage those with Crohn's disease to overcome the fear of the surgery. She is loud and outspoken about something people don't like to talk about – having an ostomy.

/ June 28, 2017

5 Artificial Intelligence Start-Ups For Treating Cancer: The Future Is Here

These mission-driven start-ups are applying Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to diagnose and fight cancer — one of the biggest challenges of our time.

/ June 26, 2017
Sayaka Osakabe

Pushing The Boundaries: 5 Women Behind Japanese Feminist Movement

In case you missed out on Japanese Feminist Movement and still thinking that women are predominantly housewives, here's 5 women changing Japan's history and striving to make gender inequality a history.

/ June 21, 2017
girls not brides

10 Ridiculous And Humiliating Anti-Women Laws You Wouldn’t Believe Still Exist

Did you know that in Malta, a European county, a man can get away with kidnapping a woman if he marries her afterwards? And the legal age of marriage in Sudan is 10? Unfortunately, this is still the reality for millions of girls and women around...

/ June 21, 2017

#GlobalGoals And Global Action: What Humanity Can Achieve In The Next 13 Years

The 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development is bold and ambitious: eliminating poverty, fighting global inequality, combating climate change. 17 goals, 169 targets and only 13 years left to accomplish them. Wondering about financial resources? According to the UN, they already exist and there's far more than...

/ June 14, 2017

#OurVoicesAreVital: Why Silencing Greenpeace Is Silencing Free Speech

#OurVoicesAreVital is all about raising awareness and our right to speak out. It is also a powerful response to the corporations trying to silence public voice through intimidation and costly litigation.

/ June 14, 2017
Li Maizi

Li Maizi And “Feminist Five”: Waking Up To Gender Inequality In China

Li Maizi, a 27-year-old gay activist from China, has been a women's rights advocate since she was a college student. She is now globally recognized as one of China's loudest feminist voices.

/ June 13, 2017