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UndocuQueer Movement: A Brief History And Works Of Julio Salgado

"UndocuQueer" movement defends the rights of undocumented queer immigrants, facing difficulties in the US. Julio Salgado, one of the activists, framed his attitude to the issue in form of illustration project.

/ December 17, 2017

Park Yeon-mi: Behind The Story Of The Most Controversial North Korea’s Refugee

Yeon-mi, a refugee from North Korea, is nowadays one of the recognizable activists for refugee’s human rights. After moving to the US she launched several projects in order to rise social awareness and continue volunteering both in America and South Korea.

/ December 5, 2017

Valeria Luiselli: Continuing Stories of Child Migration Or “Tell Me How It Ends”

In her book Mexican author transmits words of immigrant children, who try to find a shelter in the US. The investigation carried by journalist in 2014, during the epicenter of migration crisis, lasts until now. And the questions which arises within this issue do not seem to be...

/ November 8, 2017

Dr. Charlene Senn: A University Course Helping To Defend From Sexual Harassment

How we can prevent sexual harassment in universities? Should one try to cut the rape attempts or is it more effective to work on victim's defense? Dr. Charlene Senne, a Canadian psychologist, gives her own answer.

/ November 2, 2017

Sahar Speaks: Amie And Lesley Ferris Bring An International Voice Of Afghan Woman

Throughout more than 5 years Amie Ferris-Rotman and Lesley Ferris, her mother, work on freedom of expression. In 2015 daughter launched a project "Sahar Speaks", which aimed at advancing opportunities for Afghan female journalists.

/ October 29, 2017

Carolina Arantes: Disclosing The First Generation Of Afro-French Woman

What are the toughest issues, which immigrants and their kids are facing after moving to another country? Carolina Arantes, a Brazilian independent photographer tries to illustrate this question with her project about the first generation of Afro-French woman living in Paris.

/ October 11, 2017

Pink Power: Yulia Vanifatieva As A Reflection Of Russian Feminine Street Art

An interview with Yulia Vanifatieva, who is telling about the basis and development of "Pink Power", the projects which are included in the concept, and different work experience in Russia and USA.

/ October 10, 2017

The Family Of Man: A Photography Exhibition As A Declaration Of Global Solidarity

The exhibition organized in the leading museum of modern art in 1955 was initially intended to bring people together by provoking empathy. Although the project was understood in a different way, it received worldwide response in discussions and debates which are still up-to-date.

/ October 1, 2017