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Carolina Arantes: Disclosing The First Generation Of Afro-French Woman

What are the toughest issues, which immigrants and their kids are facing after moving to another country? Carolina Arantes, a Brazilian independent photographer tries to illustrate this question with her project about the first generation of Afro-French woman living in Paris.

/ October 11, 2017

Pink Power: Yulia Vanifatieva As A Reflection Of Russian Feminine Street Art

An interview with Yulia Vanifatieva, who is telling about the basis and development of "Pink Power", the projects which are included in the concept, and different work experience in Russia and USA.

/ October 10, 2017

The Family Of Man: A Photography Exhibition As A Declaration Of Global Solidarity

The exhibition organized in the leading museum of modern art in 1955 was initially intended to bring people together by provoking empathy. Although the project was understood in a different way, it received worldwide response in discussions and debates which are still up-to-date.

/ October 1, 2017