La Resistencia: Venezuela’s Youth Takes On The Government

The stronger rage engulfed the younger generation is, the more insistent and sophisticated methods of their struggle are. The continuing anti-government street protests in Venezuela remind war battlefield. Several months later the Chamos de la Resistencia or, roughly, the Youth Resistance does not give up.

/ September 12, 2017

Returning Citizens: How Ex-prisoners Fight For Their Lives On The Loose

"Returning Citizens" ... Prisoners return from exile when all their civil advantages were replaced with restrictions. Now they come back and have to become caring citizens again. But did it come down? This documentary captures their second chance.

/ August 28, 2017

Creativity Fights Absurdity: How Artist Olivia Locher Sarcastically Fought The US Law

Laws give us rights and responsibilities, prescribing bans and placing limits on what is permitted. But sometimes the thirst of legislators to control everything comes to the point of absurdity. The photographer Olivia Locher created a visual series ‘’I Fought Law’’ in which she embodied the...

/ August 22, 2017

CryptoParties: Big Brother Won’t Watch You Anymore

The feeling that someone is watching you is no longer a symptom of paranoia and a hint to check your mental health. Every day the utopia from Orwell's pages becomes more and more real. You are being watched. And it’s legal. Can CryptoParties become an effective...

/ August 17, 2017

8 Volunteer Matching Platforms That Will End Your Search For Change

People have become socially responsible and realized that they can be involved in social changes. Today the voluntary sector is crucial for community development, while non-profits eagerly and globally seek for educated volunteers.  We make a list of volunteer matching platforms that will ease your search for...

/ August 14, 2017

7 Young Political Activists Who Fight For Gender Equality

How to resist being a young advocate of gender equality in the harsh global political field? Here is a list of noticeable "under 35" politicians with a controversial background who make a stand on the issue of women’s rights.

/ August 7, 2017

Trendy Politics: How Small Companies Emerge to Brand Activism

Today CEOs of business sharks like Nike or Starbucks introduce a political sense to their marketing. Brand activism became a significant arm in the competitive market fight. Can a small company afford to take a stand?

/ August 7, 2017

Student Activism: Why Government Should Be Afraid Of Modern Youth

Stubborn, inspired and resourceful… Since the middle of the last century, students have become an engine power in the activist movement around the world.

/ August 1, 2017

Rising From The Ashes: Majd Mashharawi Revives Gaza With Green Cake

An engineer graduate Majd Masrawi has broken all stereotypes and gave a second chance to isolated and destroyed city. Her inventive initiative allows to rebuild Gaza with its own war ashes.

/ July 31, 2017