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An Ultimate Guide to Contemporary Japanese Art Scene

Since Takashi Murakami striked with his postmodern Superflat movement, Japanese art has been thriving. Today it is one of the most sought after in the Asian as well as in Western art market.

/ March 7, 2017

How Fashion World Embraces Artificial Intelligence

Fashion has always kept up with technological developments from chrome design to robots walking the Chanel runway. Now the industry is embracing AI.

/ March 1, 2017

Domingo Zapata: How To Turn Models Into Living Canvases

Spanish-American contemporary painter, Domingo Zapata, is famed for his paintings of almost everything and on everything. This month he turned models into living canvases during New York Fashion Week.

/ February 28, 2017

Unveiling Women`s History: Inside The Amanda Foreman’s Documentary

In her BBC documentary and recent book, historian and author Amanda Foreman unveils the true role of women throughout human civilization.

/ February 23, 2017

“I Miss Barack”: How Small Retailers Resist Trump

With the wave of Trump disapproving U.S. citizens emerged a whole new resisting economy. Anti-Trump merchandise is gaining momentum every day.

/ February 22, 2017

Say No To Gender: A Trend For Unisex Clothing

Fashion has long played with gender boundaries. This is especially important for queer people. For them it is a way of expressing their identity, feeling a part of community and enjoying their appearance.

/ February 15, 2017

Sunspel`s Story: How To Maintain A Century Brand

Fashion industry is changing every season. Many fashion houses go for tricks to stay afloat. But old established companies cannot afford to betray the brand. So, how do they survive?

/ February 15, 2017

‘We Margiela’: Revealing The Mystery Around the Noted Fashion House

Last month retrospective of Belgian fashion designer Maison Margiela was announced in Paris. And now there is also going to be a new documentary called We Margiela.

/ February 15, 2017

Mental Illness Is Not A Death Sentence: The “Be Vocal” Photo Collection

An issue of mental health is highly stereotyped in modern media. A campaign called Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health makes one step forward revealing a true image of people with mental problems.

/ February 10, 2017