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10 Inspiring Feminist Campaigns You Should Know

The last several years have transcended feminist ativism into digital landscape, as activists became increasingly skilled at creating movements and conversations online. Here is a look at ten inspiring feminist campaigns from the past five years, which show achievements worth celebrating.

/ April 27, 2017

Arthena: How Madelaine D’Angelo Transforms Art Collection Concept

Art has been performing historically well across all market sectors in times of high and rising inflation, and rebounded very quickly after the last recession. In 2014, Arthena, an NYC-based digital art investment startup has entered the marketplace, rising the question of whether art investment is...

/ April 25, 2017

Cole Haan: How To Reinvent Traditional Footwear Into New Generation Shoes

Shoes are something that impacts the experience of a person’s day – especially business people. Cole Haan is the very company to bring a totally offbeat solution with the aim to improve people’s lives with their innovative and super comfortable footwear.

/ April 20, 2017
Planned Parenthood: How To Keep Abortion Safe And Legal

Planned Parenthood: How To Keep Abortion Safe And Legal

Famous for its advocacy in provision of needed healthcare and wellbeing, Planned Parenthood has been long engaging in educational and electorial activities to fight for their commitment to protect women's health.

/ April 17, 2017

The Sneakerdon: How Benjamin Kapelushnik Makes His Sneaker Business Boomin

A young but business-savvy entrepreneur Benjamin Kapelushnik shows how a good fashion sense and some business in your blood can help turn your passion for sneakers from hobby into a prospering business idea.

/ April 13, 2017

“Revolution In Motion”: The Story Behind Nike’s Iconic 1987 Campaign

Exactly 30 years ago, in 1987, Nike first released its black-and-white “Revolution” campaign, which still has a huge affection on Nike’s current brand image and has brought some fallouts to all Nike’s campaigns since then.

/ April 10, 2017

NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism: How Neuroscientists Support Women Of Color With VR Experience

Science and art are totally polar things - that is what we are used to think. Speculative neuroscientist Ashley Baccus-Clark proves this wrong by working at the intersection of these two, at first glance, different concepts.

/ April 4, 2017

“Tech Against Trump”: How Logic Magazine Disrupts Trumpism With Its Special Edition

As Trump has decided on a ban for Muslim refugees, U.S. has seen many industries protesting against this. Logic Magazine presents its own way of dealing with emerging Trumpism - its special edition book, Tech Against Trump.

/ April 4, 2017

“Westworld” Star Jeffrey Wright Unleashes The Magic Behind Dell Technologies

Technological advancements are gathering their place incredibly quickly today, and digital transformation is no longer a farfetched objective for modern businesses. Dell Technologies places digital transformation at the heart of what they do, helping companies evolve as digital leaders.

/ April 3, 2017