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Why I Am Not A Feminist: A Distorted Priorities Of The Modernity

Today, feminism is talked about even more than in times of the fight for women's suffrage. ‘A Feminist Manifesto’ was written as a reaction to the fact that the social movement has severely warped its true values.

/ May 23, 2017

The Mushpit Magazine: How Feminists Express Their Anger

Can you imagine how would be look like a magazine founded by two girls who tired of the rule-bound world of fashion? No identical models, no ads, no censorship… Best friends from London created their own independent, satirical, feminist periodical born out of the anger and...

/ May 16, 2017

5 Must Have Apps For Digital Activists

Do you want to be informed about real political issues? Now you have the specific solution to easily get in touch with the government. Mobile technologies give a benefits to be more responsible and make your voice heard.

/ May 9, 2017

“I am Jane Doe”: How Mary Mazzio Documents Online Child Trafficking

A new documentary by Mary Mazzio will become true revelation and shock for every American family. “I am Jane Doe” tells about young girls who fell into the clutches of pimps and was marketed as escorts on

/ April 27, 2017