It’s not a secret that Tinder is a full of weirdos and usually we don’t start conversions with those whose profile looks at least decent. But Audrey Jones chose another strategy – she started answering yes to practically every man callers. Why so? Firstly, she got tired of her family constantly asking about her dating story. Secondly, she started gathering the conversations that she had and turning them into funny illustrations.

Tinder is simple: you see basic information and click if you like it. No secret, that it is a basically sex delivery app, however, Audrey found a real inspiration here for her work. She has always been a creative and talented person with a passion for art. At first, she started doing photography and worked with traditional photography for quite a long time: “I became obsessive with documenting my surroundings and seeking places/scenes that somehow reflected what I was feeling but unable to say,” she explains.

Jones received her B.F.A. in Photography at the University of Georgia in Athens. After graduating, she worked in New York City in various photography studios and businesses. She has been leading lots workshops since 2005, including collaborations with the Berkeley Art Studio, German International School of Silicon Valley, Cathedral School for Boys, Urban High School, Lyft, and Adobe.

“Californians are the luckiest people on earth. We live in such a visually stunning place you can’t help find a way to find inspiration from your surroundings. I don’t think I realized how important nature was to my well-being and creative processes until I moved here,” Jones says. “I feel like no matter what medium one works, in there are resources and places to share or make your art.”

When she realized that photography doesn’t let her recreate all of her ideas, she turned to illustration. “I’m not that great at drawing from life, so I generally just draw what’s in my head,” she says. “I suppose I seek to provide humor in art and comment on the ironies of everyday life. It’s a tricky endeavor to tie humor into art without making it trite or cheesy.”

That’s how Jones started her illustrated series Tinder Diaries, which documents her daily conversations and observation she has on Tinder. Her illustrations consist of the popping messages and Jones’ representation of the men that send them. It has all sorts of typical conversations that you may have on Tinder: dick pic offers, invites to have oral sex and some kinky stuff. The funniest part is actually Jones replies. “I love your style and body,” one guy writes, illustrated as a beardo in sunglasses. “I know you are looking for a long-term relationship but I am here for only 2 nights…will you visit my hotel?”

“Will you feed me mint corndogs?” Jones replies, along with an image of a large, bald woman eating a heap of corndogs.

Seeing all of her drawings make you think that there is no chance to find a real love connection on Tinder. Well, it’s partly true. Most of the messages are just a representation that all these people want is a mindless one-night-stand. But maybe it is a plea for love and care, expressed in a simple request to have at least some physical connection. Guess, we’ll never know. In the end, it is really funny to see Jones’ compilation of comic attempts to meet an adequate guy on Tinder.

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