Feel free to find out more about the life of russian asexual community – Asexuals` Home. We talked to its curator, Anastasia, about the misson, content, members and haters.

Recently we`ve told you about AVEN – the biggest asexual community in the world, and its founder- David Jay. There are many local AVEN forums, where people can discuss asexuality in their native language. Russia is not an exception. From time to time people come here to ask questions or talk about their experience. Apart from central asexual community, there are smaller communities, based on various social media platforms. Vkontakte is the most popular social network, which covers various age groups. Here people spend their free time during the day and even at night.

At the moment Vkontakte has 320 asexual groups – from small ones to huge communities with thousands members. Asexuals` Home is one of the biggest russian communities. It has over 5000 members. The community is private, but everyone can submit an application. Once your application got checked, you can finally find a home – Asexuals` Home. We talked to Anastasia- the curator of Asexuals` Home about the community, its members, content and haters. Feel free to find out more about the life of russian asexual community.

Have you noticed that the number of asexual communities had grown significantly over the years? What is the reason for their growing popularity?

Yes! A lot of asexual communities have been created lately. Teenagers, and children are likely to join that kind of groups (the most part of requests to join our community we get from people aged 11-16). The society turned asexuality into a trend, one more way to show off and stand out from the crowd. The popularity of such communities, overall, is growing, however I find it questionable.

What`s the idea standing behind “Asexuals` Home” community? Why did you feel the need to form your own community instead of joining the already existing ones?

Our community was created in 2014, when there were not much of “asexual” in Vkontakte (russian social network). The existing communities were completely alike, mostly because all of them were based on the discussions about asexuality. I am not the founder of “Asexuals` Home”, however I was one of its first members. We were invited here from the rest asexual communities. Soon after that we became a good peers with the founder.

Well, the community avoided the discussion of our common feature: the idea was to create a cozy space where people could chat, make friends and, probably, find love, among the others like them. A space, where you can express your opinion, discuss your problems and interests. Here’s what the community name means: “home” is the place where one can be understood and supported by people like you.

First months of the group life where hard: the founder texted different people and invited them to join the community. However, that were, probably, the best months for the members. They`ve formed an active “crowd” – asexuals of different ages, who never quarrelled and were really nice and polite to each other. Some guys were spending days in our special chats! That was really fun and interesting pastime.

We`d like to know more about the members of the community. People, joining “Asexuals` Home” – who are they? Who takes the most active part in the community life?

Initially, only young people aged 20-30 joined our group (they formed that very “crowd”, I was talking about earlier). Unfortunately, nowadays the audience have changed, the conflicts take part too often (the members, right or wrong, try to impose their position on each other). The fights between asexuals and antisexuals are also the common thing, because the second consider themselves better and more pristine comparing with “ordinary people”.

Lately we’ve received lots of applications from very young guys, but we don’t accept children in our community. We also get many applications from elderly men, whose profiles are crawling with pornography or from young ladies, who are posting different vulgar pictures. I have no ideas why such people want to join our community. Talking about those, who get accepted – they are girls aged 17 – 27 and guys 18 – 23 y.o. Certainly we have local “stars” in here. The most active participants are, primarily guys.

What content does the community provide? Are there any rubrics, where asexuals can make friends?

Our content is diverse, as it`s published by the community members. That was the initial idea: people could show everyone that they liked, what they cared for. Our members can also put forward questions for discussion and share their thoughts. We have two rubrics for finding friends: heteroasexual and homoasexual. The rubrics can also be created by the members and they actively use this opportunity.

Anastasia, what is the mission of your asexual community?

The mission hasn’t changed since the beginning. So we are still trying to unite people with common feature (asexuals) or with common choice (antisexuals), so they could find friends or even romantic relationship.

Every popular community sooner or later faces the problem of haters, who leave offensive comments. Does this happen to“Asexuals` Home”?

Comparing with previous years, we examine the applications more closely. That`s why our community is free from haters. But I remember the times when haters appeared on daily basis, pestered the guys and also contacted our members personally (via messenger).

Is it hard to curate the asexual community? Does it take much time and effort?

I can’t say that it’s too hard to curate the community, although it’s not easy to combine it with my regular routine. For example, I come home from university, open my profile and see lots of messages – the members make complaints about conflicts or inappropriate (in their opinion) content. I am not a very sociable person, so the necessity of solving someone else’s conflicts is a little bit exhausting for me.

Have you heard something about AVEN (asexuality.org) and its founder David Jay?

Of course! I think some of our members even keep in touch with asexuals from AVEN.

What`s going on with asexuality in Russia? Do you think russians are well-educated on asexuality topic?

I suppose, that percentage of people with asexuality in Russia is the same as in the other countries, however not everyone accepts himself or herself the way he/she is. For the most part, they try to be “normal”. But the attitude towards asexuality leaves much to be desired. A lot of people don’t know about this phenomenon, and even if they no, they don’t believe in it. It can be hard to understand that someone can be different from the others. However, they accept us better than homosexuals.

How to enlighten people about asexuality? We have a lot of work to do. For example, people should be taught to think for themselves, reflect on the real reasons of this phenomenon, avoid imposing their views and values as the only true dogma.


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