When you create the content for quite a secluded group of audience, like people interested and savvy in art, there is always a thematic trap. To solve this issue Artsy has decided to consistently produce the content easy to please, as it is so straightforward and all over the art at the same moment. To know more about how it resulted into enormous investments and growth, just keep reading.


Why can Artsy be considered the coolest art platform?

First of all, the creators and contributors actually do a lot. The initiatives of the company are amazing and include such collaboration buddies as Sotheby’s and UBS. Artsy always keeps it simple: be art supporter and we are going to get along. That’s why it, for instance, conducted the auction with Sotheby’s to introduce the modern art to its followers. The only thing one should do was to open the app and navigate the biggest collection of art in its digital beauty. When one may consider it shallow and destructive to the initial mood of the auctions, Artsy believes that they are just making art more affordable to everyone. Moreover, the Internet art sales are currently growing forming 7% of all sales last year in comparison with 1% in 2014. All the innovative solutions have brought more than $18 million of investments to the company initially formed as a startup.


Artsy. Collect art from leading galleries


Thus, noticing the growing interest towards the art presence on the internet, Artsy has worked hard since 2009 (before anyone) to create the great repository of basically everything art-related. So, if you gave symbolic birth to some wonderful painting or sculpture, be sure you are mentioned somewhere on Artsy’s pages. Currently, it has somewhat around 400 000 of art objects and 50 000 artists to fulfill your art thirst.

As it was mentioned, their collab with UBS was also quite impressive. To predict your question, yes, UBS actually has something to do with art. They have been the sponsors of ArtBasel for 20 years and are constantly commissioning new names to its collection along with some recognizable ones. So, the website has presented 4 videos made with a little help from their (financially prominent) friends. Those videos are going to tell you a bit about the art world, introducing to the audience such topics as art patronage or price determination. All that is to prepare the readers to enjoy 56th International Art Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia.


Artsy. The Art Marker


Is the platform doing anything apart from collabs?

Err… Yeah. As you have already noticed, Artsy is super active and creative with teaming up. However, it’s not the only stuff the contributors are doing. As it has already become a good tradition, every well-established company should have a blog to maintain the presence in the audiences’ hearts and brains. Artsy has employed a team of 13 people and 20 part-time contributors to entertain the readers. This quite a niche blog has grown in popularity to 400 times greater over the year attracting 550 000 arty-farties per month. They have more than 230 million pages viewed per month from 186 countries. The website works with major modern art galleries selling the majority of the pieces for the price around $10 000. Although, a great deal of sales happens when the location of buyer and seller coincide, Artsy is positive about going further and forcing the connection of buyers with some global art points. When it is still unclear how the platform is going to do that, one can be sure that it is going to happen one day. Just have a look at the company growth pace.

It seems now that whatever Artsy is doing it always looks great at the end. The key to success is keeping the audience entertained and surprised all the time, be it with the amount of material or the new interesting project. Anyway, it is pretty fascinating to look at and important to learn from. Let’s just wait what Artsy is going to wow us with next time.

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