Drugs and art have always been working in a tandem. Musicians, writers, actors were using drugs to get nirvana and to create some great (or maybe not) things. Besides, lately we’ve seen artworks out of numberless of things: paint, clay, mirror, clothes, pasta, anything. So, it is not surprising, that one day the source of creative stimulation became the product for creation. Yes, we speaking about cocaine and art with cocaine. The guy Erick is using drugs regularly, does some artworks with cocaine and shares his creations on his web-site.

What Is This?

Reasonable question, but it is really as simple as it is. The guy Erick is doing some paintings using cocaine. His work is not a secret, he has a web-site, that he updates with new photos regularly.

Erick is not a drug lord, but looking at his work, it seems that he has quite a lot of white powder. “This isn’t powder, this isn’t sugar or flour or anything else. It’s really cocaine,” Erick said to the journalist via Skype and snorted a line.

Art With Cocaine Art With Cocaine

Actually, Erick is a music producer and he doesn’t hide the fact that he uses drugs practically: “I’m doing it, and I like it, and it’s my body.” Well, fine, no discussion. But some information that Erick shared with journalists is quite scary. Basically, if you have money and connections there is no any problem to get drugs for you. Also, Erick has never dealt with the police. “The sad fact is, if you have money you don’t have any problems with law enforcement. I’m open about this, and I’ve never been in the back of a police car,” he said. “But if, you know, a regular person is caught with even a little bit of coke, I think they’d have problems.»

What Is His Benefit?

Apparently, there is no any profit for him from doing this. As he says, he just likes cocaine and likes doing this. He is not going to make any money off of it or take these arts to a gallery. The guy is surely just having fun making famous logos.

Is there any benefit for people out there who observe his art? Probably. Again people should think about whether or not drugs should be illegal. And of course, it is an reminder for all of us – even drugs are illegal in most countries now, they are easily available for people who have money. That is a serious fact to think about.

What Is the Message Behind This Action?

Well, as we mentioned it is another chance to remember about discussion on legislation of drugs. Erick’s point is quite obvious – drugs should be made legal. But at the same time on the project’s Facebook page he writes: «First of all, drug use is NOT what I want promote.» On his Twitter he also quite often replies to people saying something like: «Using cocaine isn’t cool, it’s addictive and bad your health. In other words, do yourself a favor and don’t use it.»

Art With Cocaine
Art With Cocaine

Besides making art with cocaine Erick makes movies to educate people about drugs and does social experiments to show how people react on a drug user.

So, you may be a little bit confused – does he support drug using? No. The guy just enjoys using drugs himself and creating some artworks probably being high. On all his social media he makes it clear: he does not promote drugs and does not propose anyone to try them. He speaks freely about using them and about their destructive nature.

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