To mark the 25th anniversary of Aphex Twin’s debut album Selected Ambient Works 85-92, its artwork’s designer prepared something special. In fact, his name is Paul Nicholson and only now he unveils the secrets behind the iconic musician‘s logo.


The Symbol Of Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin LogoAs a matter of fact, it’s been 20 years since Aphex Twin’s debut album blew away the electronic music world. Released in 1992 via Apollo Records, Selected Ambient Works 85-92 became “the birthplace and the benchmark of modern electronic music”. Surely, this is a definition given by the artist’s current label Warp Records, but it clearly represents the truth. Obviously, thanks to that particular album we are all aware of that eerie facial expression below.

Aphex Twin Face

Since then, the logo created for the album adorned every album he made and became a true legend. However, it has been quite often widely misrepresented. Thus, in order to get any doubts out of the way, Paul Nicholson took some time to deconstruct the logo’s creation process. From initial drafts to the final version of it, we can witness each step of the work.

Drawing attention to the logo controversy, Aphex’s current record label Warp Records has posted a message on Facebook. Hence, if you visit Paul Nicholson’s Instagram page, you will have the access to the definitive logo construction guide. Besides, you will be able to see some draft typefaces, that weren’t eventually used for the logo itself. To give you a glimpse of what it all looks like, we have the images from Nicholson’s Instagram below.

Logo Logo Logo

Most interestingly, the whole piece of art was hand-drawn, using only circle templates and rulers. Can you imagine how much hard work was put into this simple image? Definitely, it was worth it, because now it is one of the most famous symbols of modern electronica. Just like the innovative, mind-blowing music of Aphex Twin, this logo remains as iconic as the album itself.

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