Month: June 2017

Jessica Grossman

Jessica Grossman: Bringing Depth To Modeling And Crohn’s Disease

Jessica Grossman – “a half-naked girl saving lives”, is an activist using social media to encourage those with Crohn's disease to overcome the fear of the surgery. She is loud and outspoken about something people don't like to talk about – having an ostomy.

/ June 28, 2017

Bee The Change: How To Resolve Poverty Crisis And Save Bees All At Once

"Bee The Change", a small but ambitions project by Dawn Musil is using beekeeping skills and supplies to both help the bees and create jobs for the economically-disadvantaged people. 

/ June 28, 2017

8 Breast Cancer Activists You Should Know

People often dreams about happy future, especially women. Sometimes they are wrong and something unpleasant waits for them. These 8 women have found a way to overcome the breast cancer and they are ready to share their experience.

/ June 27, 2017

Spare Rib Women’s Movement: From Adam’s Shred To Standalone Person

Feminist frenzy in media is not a nowadays offspring – Spare Rib, launched right in the middle of Second-wave feminist boom, claimed to be one of the most revolutionary magazines of all times.

/ June 27, 2017

8 Super-Ladies Who Run The World Despite Of Disability

Nowadays there are a lot of talks about violation of women’s and disabled people’s rights. But these 8 ladies don’t give a damn about such an old-fashioned stereotypes. They are too busy with running this world.

/ June 27, 2017

How Young Chinese Feminists Remind Women They Are Not Society’s “Leftovers”

The young Chinese female activists are trying to remind other women that Feminism is about radical change in the society. They do so by overcoming government’s Internet censorship and engaging in peaceful protests.

/ June 26, 2017

5 Artificial Intelligence Start-Ups For Treating Cancer: The Future Is Here

These mission-driven start-ups are applying Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to diagnose and fight cancer — one of the biggest challenges of our time.

/ June 26, 2017

University Beyond: How Doug Messer Solves The Puzzle Of Student Unemployment

To students, the quest of finding the dream-job is never ending. Which is why discovering a new cool platform for job-hunting immediately brings out the spark in the eyes of campus dwellers. University Beyond by Doug Messer is the new place to do your search for...

/ June 26, 2017

Why Does Feminism Need ‘Bitches’ Like Evette Dionne

Pop culture is gaining its power day by day. To respond it, even forceful alternative media platforms such as Bitch Media need new activists.

/ June 24, 2017