When the news about Trump being elected as a president of United States overwhelmed the democratic world, massive protests flashed in many Eastern states. Now the “100 Days Action” is a сommunity calendar of daily artistic events, suggested by actors, writers and other talented people. Performances, posters and other things will be made as an appeal to global attention.

Conquesting public spaces

Ingrid Rojas Contreras, the project manager, tells that the deal is to collaborate with galleries, museum and theaters for creating a coalition against Trump. Nothing can be changed now, when Trump has already came to power and sworn, but his future decisions are still quite uncertain in its consequences. People are scared, they need to be sure in tomorrow, but the president is not seeming to provide them stability and comfort. It is remarkable that the project’s name is related to the same list of “100 days of reforms”, a set of measures Trump is intended to implement: 6 steps against political corruption and 7 actions toward American worker’s protection. It is considered to be his first deals on the president post.

100 Days Action

100 Days Action

100 Days ActionMany influential people from spheres of art and science were invited to give a speech within the framework of the project. University of California, Berkeley professor Stephanie Syjuco will organize the workshop at Royal Nonesuch Gallery in Oakland. The participants of Women’s March  standed united along the Paso del Norte Bridge for sending a message to the new government: “No violence against women. Our rights are human rights”. This initiative group received a large support in Washington, New York and other states of democratic American establishment. One day earlier, mass anarchists protests outside the “DeploraBall” were suppressed by the police; activists that were caught are about to have up to 10 years prison sentence. However, “100 days campaign” organisers are trying to avoid being a hooligans: they use peaceful measures and believe that art uncovers the truth.
Pussy Riot. 100 Days Action

Central protesters statements

Many supporters of the movement express fears of bigotry, racial violence against minorities, incidents of harassment, slurs and hate crimes, that will split American nation and provoke more aggression globally. “Build bridges, not walls!”, – they argue. Activists also want Trump to be responsible for his offensive speeches he announced last year and make government’s actions more visible for ordinary citizens.

In addition, in automn famous Russian actress and political activist Nadya Tolokonnikova from “Pussy Riot” group recorded a music video on her anti-Trump song “Make America Great Again”, where she mentions number of sexists problems women face with nowadays. So, the issue makes sense not only for Americans.

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