By 2030, the global burden is expected to grow to 21.7 million new cancer cases. These number make to feel nerves, doesn’t it? After that two questions appeared: what I can do to prevent this? Or if have already got an acquaintance with this disease, what should I do? Some people ask doctors, other Google. Web search shows a variety of links with relevant sources. If you prefer to get information from audiovisual content, the list below for you. All this films have one message in common: we can beat cancer before cancer beats us. This movies is in no particular order.

1. Burzynski: the Movie (2010)

The main hero — Dr. Burzynski, he discovered the alternative cancer treatment. In film was said, that our body contains two categories of genes, which can allow cancer to grow: Oncogenes and Tumor suppressor genes. When somebody have cancer his oncogenes are switched on and tumor suppressor genes are switched off. The target of Dr. Burzynski’s therapy is to make this situation vica versa. Cancer survivors and experts conclusions and thoughts make this movie valuable. Perhaps, the most vulnerable moment when policeman told the story about his wife disease. This gave the proper tone of voice for whole documentary. “Burzynski: the Movie” is an internationally award-winning documentary originally released in 2010. On the YouTube it has more than 800 thousands views.


2. Rethinking cancer (2009)

Five cancer survivor tell stories about therapy which provided Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy (FACT). The film is rather subjective, because his author is founder of FACT. This fact is difficult to ignore, but all of the patients profiled have been disease-free from 15 to 37 years.


3. The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest (2015)

“Why don’t more doctors recommend nutrition in their treatment protocols?” — this question Ty Bollinger asked for different experts during first episode of “The Truth About Cancer”. He is the movie’s author and the main storyteller, Ty lost both parents and 5 other relatives to cancer. The documentary begin with history of pharmaceutical industry. “Cancer is just one element of the unspeakable business of defining diseases as a marketplace”, said expert. Another suggestion is that official treatments of cancer is one of the main cause of a new cancer in the body. This suggestion was repeated many times during the first part from different experts.

Ty talked with 100 experts from 20 countries during filming docu-series “The Truth About Cancer”. Then Bollinger try to learn about alternative cancer treatments. The movie is colorful and in free access on the YouTube.


4. Healing Cancer with Cannabis (2013)

When doctor offered Rick Simpson all the drugs, which Medicine Centre can give, Mr. Simpson tried another kind of drugs. He had skin cancer: on his face and body were several spots. He put some helm oil on them and after 4 days they disappeared. After that Simpson began grow the cannabis. Is it the story of success? Watch it and make your own decision.

5. Killing Cancer (2015)

About the revolution of treatment cancer is one of the episode of documentary TV-series by HBO. “My life, like most people’s, has been negatively affected by cancer, and the thought of my young children living in an age where this is no longer humanity’s No. 1 health fear was simply overpowering” — Shane Smith, co-founder Vice, correspondent.

The video was filmed in 2015, two years later Clinical Cancer Research published an article, where was such conclusion “Intratumoral HSV1716 is safe and well-tolerated without shedding in children and young adults with late-stage, aggressive cancer”. What does it mean? Groundbreaking cure is using viruses to fight cancer. The research is continuing, and maybe results we first will see in new episodes of Vice.


6. Heal yourself, heal the world (2013)

86 minutes about Dr. Max Gerson’s theory, partly told by his grandson. His therapy proclaims that vegetarian diet can prevent such disease as cancer. Almost all film contains of photos, videos with woman’s voice over it. The different chapters devoted from each other by grey colored picture and text. If you wanted to get first acquaintance with Gerson Therapy, this video best variant.

7. A World Without Cancer: The Story Of Vitamin B17 (1974)

The film and first edition of the book appeared in 1974. The core intention — the cancer emerge because by the lack of an essential food. The author believe, that it is a deficiency disease, like scurvy or pellagra. And there is one cure — “vitamin B17 is a vital part of an amazing biochemical process that destroys cancer cells while, at the same time, nourishing and sustaining non-cancer cells”. The origin of this evidence is not mentioned, but the film is full of schemes and explanation of cancer processes. Take a note, vitamin B17 prevail in grass and fruit seeds, especially in apricot.


8. Second opinion (2014)

At the beginning of 1970s in the US was started War On Cancer. A lot of new ideas pushing by this new era come out. One of the company which appeared was Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. In this place Ralf Moss worked as writer. There he met with Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura (co-founder of chemotherapy). About Sugiura’s unexpectedly positive results in cancer treatment and Ralph Moss’s attempts to say truth in the film “Second Opinion”.

9. Dying to have known (2006)

Filmmaker Steve Kroschel was in New York, San Diego, Alaska, Japan, Holland and other countries. In this places he spoke with cancer survivors, scientists, surgeons and nutritionists about effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy. Their witnesses presented in the documentary.


10. Cancer: The Forbidden Cures (2010)

The film directed by Massimo Mazzucco opens with a rudimentary examination of the cancer, how it works inside of human body. The filmmaker’s main focus is modern treatment — surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and its possible injury. One user left this comment about this film: “This documentary is ridiculous. Anyone who has dealt with cancer knows that chemo and radiation, as horrific and uncomfortable as they are, actually save lives”. Another opinion: “great video, I gave up on western medicine after I’ve been told I would have 1 year to live…”.


11. Crazy Sexy Cancer (2007)

It’s emotional, honest, heartbreaking story from first person. Kris Carr best-selling author and wellness activist tell her experience in cancer treatment. She cry, laugh, discuss and get angry infront of camera in soul-crushing manere. She was diagnosed cancer on Valentine’s Day in 2003, then started difficult treatment full of obstacles and problems. Her video inspired not only for healing, but also for enjoying life. “I’ve been living with cancer for over a decade, and it has taught me so much about taking care of myself and living my life to the fullest”, said Carr.


Comment from cancer survivor

Irina Shulbakova — young russian journalist who fight with cancer (acute myeloid leukemia). WelkerMedia asked Irina about films which she advice to people who do not know about cancer deeply.

“I prefer feature films, such as “Now Is Good” (2012) directed by Ol Parker. The main character have the same diagnosis as I — leukaemia. Instead of video I would rather recommended to read David Servan-Schreiber’s book “Anticancer. A new way of life”. It is written by scientist and doctor, so you can trust suggestions in it”.

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