10 Iranian Social Artists Who Impact Today Agenda  

In Iran, art is a significant way of representing social problems and finding solutions to them. Through creating different images contemporary artists express their opinions of current contradictions in their home country.

/ November 12, 2017

Susan Fowler: How One Sexual Harassment Story Disarmed Uber’s Upper Management

Susan Fowler, an ex-employee of Uber, exposed problems with sexual harassment at the company. Uber's CEO ordered to pursue an investigation, which led to firings and stiffening of work discipline. This story has rocked the boat seriously and revealed that the company tends to break the...

/ November 10, 2017

Valeria Luiselli: Continuing Stories of Child Migration Or “Tell Me How It Ends”

In her book Mexican author transmits words of immigrant children, who try to find a shelter in the US. The investigation carried by journalist in 2014, during the epicenter of migration crisis, lasts until now. And the questions which arises within this issue do not seem to be...

/ November 8, 2017

8 Iranian Feminists Who Dedicated Their Lives To Improve Women’s Social Status

Iran is a home for the brave followers of different rights movements. Female activists represent one of the strongest and the biggest groups. They take risky steps that cause many arrests but it doesn't prevent them from fighting.

/ November 4, 2017

Big Brother: How Louis Quail Fights Stigma By Documenting Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder which destroys human life and the life of the whole family. Stigma and discrimination of human rights of such people is a common practice. Louis Quail recently made a series of photographs "Big brother" dedicated to his own brother coping...

/ November 3, 2017

Dr. Charlene Senn: A University Course Helping To Defend From Sexual Harassment

How we can prevent sexual harassment in universities? Should one try to cut the rape attempts or is it more effective to work on victim's defense? Dr. Charlene Senne, a Canadian psychologist, gives her own answer.

/ November 2, 2017

Sahar Speaks: Amie And Lesley Ferris Bring An International Voice Of Afghan Woman

Throughout more than 5 years Amie Ferris-Rotman and Lesley Ferris, her mother, work on freedom of expression. In 2015 daughter launched a project "Sahar Speaks", which aimed at advancing opportunities for Afghan female journalists.

/ October 29, 2017

The Brave Song For Freedom: How Aryana Sayeed Became a Female Singer In Islamic Country

Most of us can hardly take on the role of a resident of the less-developed country, full of internal conflicts and instability. Sometimes it seems like nobody will hear the voice crying out in the wilderness. This is a story about Aryana Sayeed whose beautiful voice...

/ October 29, 2017

Nail Transphobia: Free Manicure To Change The World

Statistics says the transgender homicide rate keeps growing in recent years. Charlie Craggs the transgender woman from the UK decided to change the current situation for the good and launched the project "Nail Transphobia".

/ October 29, 2017

8 Female Directors Who Change Our Picture Of The Day

The statistics show that prejudice on women filmmakers proves itself: a number of female film graduates is equal to male but only 5% women work in Hollywood as film directors. These eight women managed to crush the wall and prove others that they deserve admiration.

/ October 12, 2017

Carolina Arantes: Disclosing The First Generation Of Afro-French Woman

What are the toughest issues, which immigrants and their kids are facing after moving to another country? Carolina Arantes, a Brazilian independent photographer tries to illustrate this question with her project about the first generation of Afro-French woman living in Paris.

/ October 11, 2017

Pink Power: Yulia Vanifatieva As A Reflection Of Russian Feminine Street Art

An interview with Yulia Vanifatieva, who is telling about the basis and development of "Pink Power", the projects which are included in the concept, and different work experience in Russia and USA.

/ October 10, 2017
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