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Chicas Poderosas: Bringing Women’s Voices To Contemporary Newsrooms

For years. women in Latin American newsrooms have been hugely outnumbered by their male colleagues. Chicas Poderosas and its founder Mariana Santos are on a mission to bring women voices to storytelling.

/ July 24, 2017

How Black Women Artists Fight Racism And Identity Disguise

Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter is a collective that unites black feminist women against problems of racial discrimination and its institutionalisation. Now they explore strategies that structure human's identity at the exhibition called THREE.: On Visibility and Camouflage.

/ July 24, 2017

8 The Most Unusual Social Movements That Make A Difference

When we are thinking about what communities unite people according to their interests, numismatics and philately comes to mind… Sounds boring, isn’t it? But sometimes people cooperate to do weird things together. Here are top 8 communities that will surprise you.

/ July 24, 2017

From The Ashes: Documenting Past, Present And Future Of Coal Industry In The US

From the Ashes is the critically-acclaimed documentary exploring the history of the US coal industry. The film captures american communities struggling to deal with the country's coal-mining legacy and explores the affects of coal on environment and economy.

/ July 19, 2017

Dandelion Wine Collective: Live The Drawing Diversity

Have you ever thought that the kings of this drawing industry used to be abundantly whitewashed?  Dandelion Wine Collective is a project that opens a path to underrepresented artists, characters, and topics.

/ July 19, 2017

8 Immigrant Entrepreneurs Who Refute The Trump’s Foreign Policy Agenda

Immigrants represent only 13% of the population of the US, yet they are responsible for starting more that a quarter of new businesses. Moreover, foreign-born entrepreneurs or their children account for 40% of the Fortune 500 companies in 2010. 

/ July 19, 2017

A Piece Of Work: When Modern Art Seems A Joke Abbi Jacobson Is Not Kidding

Have you ever walked around galleries with this “What the hell is going on?!” face? Broad City's Abbi Jacobson hosts a podcast to help you solve the mystery of modern art.

/ July 19, 2017

Circular Board: A Virtual Accelerator For Womenpreneurs You Should Know

If you keep searching for a business accelerator of your dreams, and nothing seems to fit, try Circular Board. This virtual collaborative accelerator for women entrepreneurs may just be what your heart desires and your business needs. 

/ July 18, 2017

Halsey Inc: How To Make Yourself A Brand

Multitasking is a new defining feature of modern people heading to success. Singer and CEO in one person Halsey shows how  the business mind can boost an artistic career. How does it works - to make yourself a business?

/ July 18, 2017

Tribal Beauty: How Native Fashion Now Makes A Tradition Trendy

Tradition and “going to the roots” sounds a little bit old-fashioned and conservative, doesn’t it? But Native American designers from Native Fashion Now project proved that “indigenous” equals “trendy” today and that minority nations are not minor in fashion industry.

/ July 18, 2017

Seeking Inspiration? Here Are 8 Motivating Manifestos You Must Check

Looking for an inspiration for a startup? Manifesto is most laconic and at the same time the most effective way to express your corporate ideas and policy. Here are the top 8 manifestos that will undiubtedly juice you up.

/ July 18, 2017

Point 453: How Ethan Paisley Is Changing The Scene Of Youth Documentary

Think documentary-making is reserved only for the old and wise? Think again. A 16-year-old Ethan Paisley has debuted at the Festival de Cannes 2017 with his feature film Point 453, and there is much more to his story and flourishing career. 

/ July 14, 2017
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