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Our network unites world-known organizations and foundations, community leaders and activists, social artists and creators across the globe. If you want to add your project, share your voice or participate in our projects and initiatives, feel free to fill a contact form.

Our Projects:

  • WM Media - a media platform and network that spreads voices of our community across the globe;
  • WM Lab - an award-winning program that helps underrepresented creators and changemakers to be heard;
  • WM Fund - nonprofit foundation that supports our development and fellowship programs.

* KIndly ask you to provide your request with any details that will help us to define the most suitable options for you;
** If you are media representative, journalist, investor or just curious person, feel free to ping us directly.

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Our mission is to provide a next generation of creators and activists around the globe with a full access to ecosystem, information and like-minded people that help them to grow their career, creative potential and lives. Keep in touch with us through our network, projects and media outlets.

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