WMCF Chapters

From USA and Russia to South Africa, we are always looking for passionate peers who would
like to leverage our network in order to empower local communities, talents and initiatives

Our Chapters

How chapters work
The chapters are form of local representation that allows us to support, sustain and develop our key projects and initiatives with a help of our global community. It involves different kind of peers, in particular including:
  • Local teams;
  • Local partners;
  • Ambassadors;
  • Volunteers.
Each chapter is managed by local ambassador and closely connected to the nearest HQ. Our chapters are involved to almost any valuable process within the specific region, inluding our media network, accelerator and fund.

How to join / open a chapter
If you want to join our mission, you should check our career opportunities or join our volunteer / ambassador program in order to open your own chapter. Kindly ask to study an information regarding our headquarters and perspective chapters before reaching us.

Our key HQ:
  • North America - Los Angeles, USA;
  • Asia Pacific - Hong Kong;
  • Europe - Russia.
Perspective chapters:
  • North America;
  • Eastern Europe, including Russia;
  • Middle East and North Africa;
  • Asia Pacific.

Ambassador Program

Ambassadors are young talents willing to devote their skills, time and energy to our global mission. Our ambassador program provides our peers with a whole process from selection to further development and personal growth.


Ambassadors are responsible for supporting our ventures and programs within particular region, including:
  • Assisting WMCF Media & Network;
  • Assisting WMCF Competition;
  • Assisting WMCF Acceleration program;
  • Assisting talent programs and other projects.


Our ambassadors and volunteers get an access to fascinating projects and opportunities, including:
  • Leadership;
  • Education and mentoring;
  • Community & media coverage.


Our ambassadors should meet the following requirements:
  • Passionate young leaders and activists;
  • Manage or participate in any startups / ventures / projects;
  • Would like to grow their name and career.
If you want to join our program, accurately fill a form below. It's important to mention that we don't answer regarding any application.

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