Changemakers Movement

We are always welcome to new peers who share our values and mission. If you would
like to join us, feel free to reach the existing chapter or lead your own community

What Are Chapters?

Chapters are form of local representation that allows us to support, sustain and develop our key projects and initiatives with a help of our global community. It involves local ambassadors, teams and partners. Our chapters are associated with almost any valuable process within the specific region, including our media network, action lab and fund.

How To Join Chapters?

Our chapters involve various peers including community leaders and activists, creatives and artists. If you are young person who would like to develop yourself, be noticed and build projects which make a difference, there are 2 ways how you can be involved: In case, if you are an influencer, blogger or opinion leader, who are willing to represent us in the specific region, feel free to reach us directly.

Where Are Chapters Located?

To the date our network and movement encompass the following regions:
Our key HQ:
  • North America - Los Angeles, USA;
  • Asia Pacific - Hong Kong;
  • Western Europe - Russia.
Perspective chapters:
  • Middle East and North Africa;
  • Asia Pacific.

How To Open A New Chapter?

If you would like to represent us in the specific region or lead your own community, you can become an ambassador. Our ambassadors are provided with various benefits like thought leadership, individual development and flexible income.


Ambassadors are responsible for spreading our mission and network in the specific region, including:

  • Assisting WM Media and network;
  • Assisting WM Action Lab;
  • Assisting WM Fellowships;
  • Assisting social initiatives.


Our ambassadors should meet the following requirements:

  • You are passionate creator or activist;
  • You share our vision and mission;
  • You would like to grow yourself and be noticed.
Are you ready to join us? Feel free to fill the form below.

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