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    WM Forge. Creativity + Activism + Commerce
    WM Forge is a full-service creative & digital shop driven by our creators / activists network
    with a focus on integrated campaigns for social, lifestyle, health and human technology products

WM Forge works as a digital arm of WelkerMedia that focused on: branded stories (production),
sponsored stories & products (native solutions), licensed stories (licensing) and targeted activation
(influencers & activists). It allows us to provide relevant brands and organizations with integrated
marketing campaigns in a full-cycle that reach the targeted audience, gain leads and boost awareness
to products and services leveraging our media outlets: ReCreativity & ReSociety, creative network,
editorial team and partner media channels. In order to enable us to deliver a real value for your
organization please check that your business fits to one of the categories / topics below.

Social Organizations & Services
Human Technology & Gadgets
Consumer & Lifestyle Products
Beauty & Fashion Products
Health, Drugs & Medicine
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Inside The "Shop"

Branded Stories / Production
Today brand journalism and publishing is a big thing. In the way we create content for our media outlets we can leverage our network and creators in order to create high-quality content for you brand channels including: stories, videos, design, photography, live content.

Sponsored Stories / Products
The other way to work with us is a sponsored content. You just choose an appropriate outlet, category and provide us with a brief. After that we define the format that will bring more awareness to your products, services or organization. Usually it implies creation and integration of sponsored stories or product reviews that look native for our audience. However, there are dozens of other ways to implement native solutions.

Licensed Stories / Content
It's one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your content production, boost your digital channels and diversify your strategy without hiring additional human resources. In its simplest form, we allow you to rent / license content or creative works of our community and creators. After that you can publish it within your branded hubs, media or other digital platforms.

Integrated Campaigns / Marketing
It's a complex option that usually involves a full-cycle digital process, strategy, producing of original content for our channels and brand media to achieve maximum coverage and exposure. It's especially good for brands and large organizations.

If you have some specific needs and goals, don't hesitate to reach us for getting more details.

Advertising & More

Besides content and native formats we are opened to other options that
help our community to be and touch with valuable products, services and
organizations. Thus we can complete your digital mix with such tools
and strategies as: events sponsoring, direct advertising, banners and
other formats.

ReCreativity + ReSociety
WM Daily publications are focused on the most solvent and versatile
part of gen-z and millennial generations. It includes tech-savvy creators,
activists, bloggers and digital entrepreneurs. Our community cares about
new technologies and services, art & creativity. Thus everything that
makes our lives healthier, richer and more completely, falls into the range
of their interest.

If you want to leverage our media outlets or events to collaborate with
us using targeted ads, feel free to reach us.

Creators Network

Creators network is a heart of WelkerMedia. Today it unites our team, community, daily readers and creators that joined to our network or submitted its art or creative projects. However only the most talented ones become a part of serious projects. Overall it's about 5000+ persons who divide on "creators", "activists" and "mentors".

Activists (#CoAct)
Persons who represent different social movements as human rights, social issues, feminism, minorities. In most cases they play a role of influencers and catalysts who bring the stories to the audience.

Creators (#CoCreate)
Persons who are responsible for creation of art and content. Usually it's storytellers, journalists, writers, designers, animators and other creatives.

Mentors (#CoMentor)
Persons who teach and guide others. It's our project managers, experienced leaders and educators. Also sometimes we leverage external expertise and mentors.

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#CoAct #CoCreate #CoMentor

Our mission is to provide the next generation of creators and activists with a full access
to ecosystem, information and like-minded people that help them to grow their career, creative
potential and lives. In order to do this we create our daily publications that cover such topics as
creative entrepreneurship, activism and modern creation advice. We also provide special events
and mentoring to educate and inspire our community. Finally, we are happy to connect you with
relevant CoActors, CoCreators, CoMentors and Organizations to scale and grow your talent.

WelkerMedia's Team & Founders