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    Creators Shop is a digital marketplace and premium community that provides
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Creators Shop works as a digital arm of WelkerMedia that combines elements of production hub and marketplace. It's focused on the following creative solutions: branded content, sponsored content, licensed content, talent and creative works marketplace. Please, choose your category and don't hesitate to reach us both for one-time media initiatives or full-cycle integrated campaigns.

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Featured Stories

Branded Stories
As a media company, we have a long-term experience and various resources for content production and distribution processes. Thus, in the way we create content for our media outlets we can leverage our network and creators in order to create high-quality content for brand channels.

Sponsored Stories
The other way to work with us is a sponsored content and native solutions. You just choose an appropriate outlet, category and provide us with a brief. After that we define and implement the format of native integration that will bring more awareness to your products, services or organization.

Integrated Campaigns
Integrated campaigns is the most complex option that involves a full-cycle digital process, strategy, producing of original stories for both our channels and brand media in order to achieve maximum coverage and exposure. It may include complex digital initivatives, series or other campaigns.

If you have some specific needs and goals, don't hesitate to reach us for getting more details.

Talent & Works Marketplace

Creators network is a heart of WelkerMedia. Today it's more than 50.000 creators and activists around the world including not only particular persons but works and projects as well. It allows us to reach target audience leveraging our outlets, opinion leaders, groups of activists and micro-influencers.

Licensing is a popular technique that allows you to rent / license video and etc. We often provide licensing services as a part of more complex campaigns. Please, reach us if you want to learn about our options and conditions.

WM Daily Lab

Besides content and native formats we are opened to other options that help our community to be and touch with valuable products, services and organizations. Thus we can complete your digital mix with such tools and strategies as: events sponsoring, direct advertising, banners and other formats.

ReCreativity + ReSociety
WM Daily publications are focused on the most solvent and versatile part of gen-z and millennial generations. It includes tech-savvy creators, activists, bloggers and digital entrepreneurs. Our community cares about new technologies and services, art & creativity. Thus everything that makes our lives healthier, richer and more completely, falls into the range of their interest.

If you want to leverage our media outlets or events to collaborate with us using targeted ads, feel free to reach us.

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Our mission is to provide a next generation of creators and activists around the globe with a full access to ecosystem, information and like-minded people that help them to grow their career, creative potential and lives. Keep in touch with us through our network, projects and media outlets.

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