WM Academy is a first millennial-oriented ecosystem and certification program,
providing mentoring & education for promising digital media and content talents


We are not an educational company. We are a media agency. That's why we value results and
real skills over marks and degrees. Due to this fact we have initially launched the WM academy
as a content ecosystem for our employees in order to prepare better specialists that deliver results.
Now we are happy to make it public. Welcome to our family!

What's WM Academy?

WM Academy works as a 10 week certification program for content marketers,
media specialists and other creatives. The program consists of the 5 main levels:
Content, Practice, Mentoring, Publication and Certification.
During this
period we add you to our educational, partner and business ecosystem in order to help
you grow.

What will you get?

- You will get a valuable knowledge that will help you to grow your career;
- You will get a mentorship to fix your weaknesses and crystallize strengths;
- You will grow your connections and expand your business circles;
- You will practice your skills and develop your thought leadership;
- You will get a certification that will finalize your progress during the program.

How It Works

How To Get Started

WM Academy. Formats

We provide 2 main programs: Self Program and Mentoring Program. You can choose the program based on your goals, available time and budget. Both programs work for students (19-23 years old) and specialists as well.

* We also provide individual education and mentoring. Let us know if you are interested in such services.

Self Program

Format: Self certification
1 year certification: Yes
Content: Yes
Theory Tasks: Yes
Practice Tasks: Yes
Individual Mentoring: No
Individual Tasks: No

PRICE: $499

Self Program

You get an access to our program and content. Then the process of education and certification held by yourself. Support is included.


Mentoring Program

Format: Certification with mentor
1 year certification: Yes
Content: Yes
Theory Tasks: Yes
Practice Tasks: Yes
Individual Mentoring: Yes
Individual Tasks: Yes

PRICE: $1499

Mentoring Program

You get a full access to our program including content, theory and practice, mentoring and publishing. In addition to basic tasks, your practice may include individual tasks and challenges held by your mentor.


Our Educational Partners

Join To The Next Batch

In order to provide you with more individual approach, we limit our batches
to 100 students per season for the mentoring program. Even though we declare
the "Unlimited status" for the self program, there are some reasonable limits
in case of an excessive number of applications.

Currently we are looking for passionate minds that would like to join us.
Hurry up to ping us at any time to get more details and reserve the spot.


Reserve Your Spot In The Next Batch

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